Following Silent Hill

According to reports, there are currently numerous Silent Hill components in growth. One must be a remake of Silent Hill 2, which is attached to Blood's team. One more task is rumored to be totally brand-new access in the collection that is developed in a Japanese studio.

On top of that, it is additionally rumored over an anecdotal series, similar to the Dark Pictures Anthology. Until now, none of the video games has been formally confirmed, however many thanks to an age classification in South Korea, we might now know what one of the upcoming titles will certainly be called.

brand-new silent hill title

According to reports, there are presently several Silent Hill parts in advancement. One need to be a remake of Silent Hill 2, which is connected to Blood's group. Images and also information dripped : Several screenshots and details have actually currently been leaked up to the alleged brand-new silent hill titles.

What's the name of the new title? The new game is called Silent Hill: The Brief Message According to the side, publisher Union ought to care for the publication in South Korea. The company has actually currently cared for some INAMI titles in the past, as well as Football 2023 will certainly likewise take care of the publication.

Images and info dripped : A number of screenshots and details have already been dripped approximately the alleged brand-new silent hill titles. Leaves just recently shown up photos that are supposed to come from the remake of the second part. This is supposed to get a demonstration and also appear in time specifically for PS5.

However take care: You should initially enjoy all the reports concerning the popular horror collection with caution as long as absolutely nothing has been officially confirmed. The truth that the brief message has actually currently been identified in South Korea could imply that we no more need to be individual for as well lengthy until we learn something tangible at the very least regarding a video game.

On the homepage of the Video game Ranking and also Administration Board of Korea (through Gets) you can locate brand-new access in which a game with Silent Hill has actually obtained an age category in the name. Unfortunately, the information can not be checked out from the details for which systems the game will certainly show up.

Silent What do you expect from a Silent Hill that is called The Brief Message? .