How to solve the puzzles of Splice Metal Box in Tower of Fantasy

Traveling along Aida in Tower of Fantasy, you will face various puzzles. Often the solution is easy to determine, but some of them can be difficult to understand. This includes Earthphyte. This may make you think about the completion of Earthphyte in Tower of Fantasy.

What to do with a fraught with a metal box in Tower of Fantasy

SPLICED METAL BOX is a type of puzzle with research points in Tower of Fantasy, first found in Crown. This puzzle requires you step Various blocks on the central platform. The catch is that you must align the fields in the right place according to the form.

Forms are not always aligned with installed boxes, so you may need to change their places. Push blocks to the center of the platform and look at them from above to determine where they are going. After you align the field correctly, it light up and all four will glow


Solution of the puzzle of Splice Metal Box usually rewards you with a black or gold nucleus. They are also taken into account in your research glasses in this region. This makes the solution to these puzzles standing as for awards as well as for completion .

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