How to play music in accordance with a pattern of roses in the world task of Genshin Impact Rhythm that feeds the sprout

The rhythm that feeds the sprout is a local assignment to the pile, part Araniaak: Part II-children's dreams World quest line. It can be unlocked in a dream of Vanaran, and it consists of three main goals. In this leadership, we will show you how to play music in accordance with a pattern of roses. This will unlock the Rhythm Rhythm melody, which you can use to call a healthy dendrine.

How to unlock the local task Rhythm that feeds the sprout to the pile in Genshin Impact-Aranyaka: Part II

To unlock this local task, you must complete the first task in Araniaak: Part II-children's dreams called Aranar's World. This will unlock Vanaran in the northwestern part of the tropical forests to the pile and will allow you to switch between the real and imaginary vanarana.

Switch to Vanaran's dream and go to the area circled in the image above to meet Aranara named Arakavi . There should be a blue exclamation mark above your head. Talk to Arakavi to unlock and complete a local task called a meeting in the forest . Then this will unlock three quests in the quest line Arankaya: Part II:

  • Rhythm leading on the gloomy path
  • Rhythm feeding sprout
  • Rhythm revealing an animal trace

The You can complete these three tasks in any order. This leadership will help you complete the first part of the rhythm that feeds the sprout.

How to watch the roses of a pummer to find a hidden song in the local task Rhythm that feeds the sprout in Genshin Impact

Follow the quest marker to the west of the forests, south of the monument, where you will find Aram and Arasurak. After talking with them, you will be asked to observe the pummer to find a hidden song. Investigate Pattern on the relief behind them. As soon as this is done, go to the Sumeru Roses box nearby until they all begin to glow purple.

Then you will be invited to reproduce music in accordance with the rose pattern. Equip Vintage lyre and activate it to open a music menu. The game will invite you to click on the following notes in the third row: do> So> La> Tee . This is the rhythm of the sprout that you can use to make a healthy dendrine grow in empty germinating branches. After that, talk with Aranar to complete this segment.

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