How to get Season of Plunder Season OF DESSTINY 2

Season It is difficult to recall the time when the games did not have seasonal gaps. Nowadays, developers and publishers want players to be involved in the game as long as possible. The same applies to Destiny 2. The robbery season has come, and the guards who want to participate in new modes will need it.

What is included in the seasonal subscription Destiny 2 Season of Plunder?

The Season of Plunder seasonal subscription can be purchased for 1000 silver or 9.99 US dollars. . It can be purchased at the store inside the director. A seasonal pass with 100 awards is a great way to stock up on planetary resources and improve components. In addition, guards can get a whole treasury of bright dust, which can be spent on various objects of Evers, which will attract their attention.

awards of the seasonal subscription Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

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