How to get a hazard marker at Roblox Find the Marcers

Although finding markers may seem just another experience in the style of hunting for garbage, in fact it offers a rather complex map with more than a few complex secrets that need to be found. There are five markers that players can detect, including the one that we will consider in this brief leadership, hazard marker .

Search for a marker of complexity diagram in Find the Markers

After you appeared in Find the Markers, head to the forest on the map and go to its great grief.

At the foot of this mountain there is an impromptu wooden staircase-climb it and enter the cave to which it leads.

When you enter this cave, you should notice a dark tunnel with two lanterns at the beginning.

Entering this tunnel, you will fall into a secret room with a wall of letters. To continue moving towards the Killbrick marker, click on the letters D, I, F, F, I, C, U, L, T and Y in the indicated order to make peace. Complexity and then click the button log button. If you enter the code correctly, you will automatically teleport to complexity measurement .

To get a hazard marker, players must achieve crazy the level of complexity of measuring complexity and find a secret exit in a dark maze. To start this journey, go and jump through light level to achieve average .

Survive average , you will need to jump over a set of slippery tiles and get to the platform above. If you slip and fall to death, you will be rested at the beginning light level, so be careful! As soon as you got to the beginning experiencing level, jump over a small gap and on the first ledge in front of you.

Now jump out and rise from this ledge to get to the next one, and repeat this strategy until you find yourself at the top of the wall.

From here, jump over the luminous brick-killer, go around the small walls and go to the beginning hard level.

Like average level, hard level uses a smooth basis as the first obstacle, which is why it is difficult to avoid luminous squares-bricks when you are trying to jump between them. To easily overcome this obstacle, we recommend running and jumping through it with one quick movement, and not try to jump and stop several times. If you can gain a solid impulse, you can run and jump between the squares without touching any of them.

As soon as you get to the end of the first obstacle, you will immediately encounter the second, for which you need to jump and catch on the horizontal staircase, and then slip to a small platform to the left of you. Although the experience speaks of the opposite, the use of switching blocking is not required. If you find that just turn the camera and move to the left is easier than using a shift lock, this can also work.

To get to this small platform, or go down the stairs using the downward key, or click the gap jump. Then just go along the thin bridge to get to the entrance to difficult level.

At this level, the same obstacles are used as on hard , a horizontal staircase, but lifts it to a step higher, forcing the players to jump over a large gap from one staircase to another. Again, if the shift lock is easier for you, turn it on, but if not, do not hesitate to leave it off. Just make sure that move at your own pace!

After you overcome the obstacle to the stairs, you will practically find yourself at the end of the journey. difficult level-all that remains to do is jump through a few killer bricks. Having jumped over the third brick, you should faced Mad Level entrance.

As can be seen from the image above, crazy the level is mainly contained inside the building, and not scattered through various platforms. You will need to jump over two walls with obstacles, through two thin killer bricks, and then through a transparent entrance to the building to get to this building.


Inside this building there is an exceptionally dark labyrinth that can lead you to two different exits , one of which leads you to the rest of the standard obstacle strip, and the other teleports you to the obstacles of the hazard marker. The images below shows the path that you need to go to find a secret obstacle strip of Danger Marker. To help you better see the path, we increased the brightness of these images-unfortunately, inside the maze is not so bright!

As soon as you jump through a transparent entrance, turn left and go straight until you abundant the wall. Turn right by this wall.

Continue to move straight, and then turn right before colliding with the next wall.

Now go straight again until you reach the first turn on the left. Take this turn and continue to go forward.

After a few steps, you should see the turn right-ignore this turn, continue moving forward, and then turn left.

As soon as you turn over this corner, you should see in the distance a white staircase. Go to this staircase and use it to go down to the floor below.

Once on the lower floor, go forward, turn left around the corner, and then immediately turn right.

At this T-shaped intersection, turn left, and then turn left again.

Turn right at the next intersection.

From here go forward and turn left.

Turning to the left, you should see the yellow light at a distance. Go to this yellow light to find a teleport marker of danger. Enter this teleport to get into the obstacle strip of Raza Marker.

To start this obstacle strip, you need to click e on the button with the inscription Activate the danger .

After pressing this button, the obstacle strip door will open, which will allow you to start the first attempt to pass it. However, keep in mind that this, in our opinion, is the most difficult task of all find markers. Even compared to the victory over Dark Markery or the search for Marker Chomik, which we successfully completed, this Obby prevails.

To find a danger marker, players will need to walk, jump, climb, balance, switch locks and avoid death from any angle, while overtaking a moving wall of death. It sounds easy, right?

To better understand how to perform this OBBI, watch the video below from Noobblox.

After you completed OBBI and reached the marker, you can add it to your markerdex, just going up to it and touching it. When, or, more realistic, we finally unlock this marker, we will correspond to this leadership with our own images accordingly. We just have to continue attempts!

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