Guilty Gear Stive announces document sales figure and provides his new character with a gameplay trailer

Guilty Gear-Stive-Han players recently recognized the statement of period 2 of the fighting game that has made Arc System Works throughout the party of the EVO 2022. With it a brand-new personality will certainly arrive today, whose trailer you can see On these same lines.

This brand-new boxer is Bridget , which we see in action with the characteristic yoyó of her, which she makes use of to hit her challengers. This is the 6th addition to Guilty Gear-Stive-from its launch in 2020 as well as, as we state, it becomes part of the second season pass that provides the starting weapon today.

GUILTY Strive has offered one million duplicates Following to this news, the Japanese programmer intended to confirm that the title has gone beyond one million copies offered , a mile It has actually already turned with us a year, being available on PC as well as PlayStation gaming consoles, so, to celebrate it, they have published a music video clip that we leave below:

Along with the remainder of the important advertisements of Legends such as Road Fighter or Deadly Fierceness that has actually left us the Evo 2022, the organization has actually also confirmed that in spring the Evo Japan 2023 will certainly be held, an event in which Guilty Gear-Stive-It will be present with a main tournament.