APEX LEGENDS Valkyrie is larger and weakened from the new season. Season 14 Hanted patch notebook summary of the rank match participation RP.

Respown Entertainment released the Patch Note of APEX LEGENDS season 14 on August 9. Details of the new legend Vantage and the King Scanion modification have been revealed. In addition, legends and weapons are adjusted as usual. Wingman and Spitfire's ammunition will be changed, and Valkyrie's abilities will be weakened.

In the new season Hanted, Vantage will participate as a new legend. A genuine survivor list that is good at handling sniper rifles. Fight with his buddy bats echo. His passive abilities are the search abilities when they are not equipped with weapons and looking into the snipers co-op. With tactical abilities, you can jump greatly with a jet pack at the end of the echo. Ultimate ability can use a dedicated sniper rifle. In addition to emphasizing the opponent who snipers, it also increases damage from allies.

The king scanion is modified, and a new area, Relic, is added. This is an area where the popular area of the past, Skull Town, revives through Salvage. In addition, the map has been modified throughout. Above all, the cage has an open structure and seems to be vulnerable to attack from the outside.

From here, let's introduce the balance adjustment. First, about weapons. In addition to the ammunition used for Wingman and Spitfire, EVA-8 is enhanced. In addition, craft weapons and care package weapons have also changed. Details are as follows.

Craft weapon ・ Wingman and CAR go to normal drop items ・ Divation and RE-45 + hammer point bullets are eligible for craft

Care package weapon ・ Bolt SMG and G7 scouts to normal drop items ・ Rampage LMG and Bosekbow to care package weapons

Gold weapon (full kit weapon) ・ Long Bow DMR, G7 Scout, Mozambique, R-99, Hemlock

Hop-up ・ Double tap: Added burst fire mode to EVA-8 and G7 scouts ・ Skull Piercer: Long Bow, Wingman, 30-30 repeaters headshot damage increased by 35 % ・ Dead eye tempo and shutter cap deleted from normal drop items ・ Boosted loader decreases from gold to purple (Epic)

Laser site (new attachment) ・ New attachment replaced by SMG and pistol barrel stabilizer ・ Reduce the diffusion of hips (hipfire)

smg ・ Increases spread when hips on the base

Assault rifle
・ Increases spread when hips on the base

Bosekbow ・ The damage during full draw increased from 60 to 70 ・ The draw speed at the dead eye tempo increases from 0.32 to 0.38 (it seems that the dead eye tempo is incorporated into the weapon) ・ The damage to the shutter cap pellets increased from 11 to 12 (same up) ・ The launched arrow cannot be collected ・ The arrow is deleted from a normal drop item

Rampage LMG ・ Increased damage from 26 to 28 ・ Includes Telmit grenade

EVA-8 ・ Recoil improvement ・ Stock can be mounted ・ The number of pellets fired by one decrease ・ Pellet damage increases by 1 ・ The launch rate when the shotgumbold is installed increases White: 1.1 → 1.1 Blue: 1.15 → 1.2 Purple: 1.2 → 1.3

Bolt SMG ・ Damage is reduced from 17 to 15

G7 scout ・ Damage is reduced from 36 to 34 ・ Head shot magnification decreases from 2.0 to 1.75 ・ The delay in burst launch when double tap is installed increased from 0.375 to 0.4

Car smg ・ The barrel attachment is abolished

L-Star ・ Increase in launch speed ・ Increase the number of firing to overheating on the base from 20 to 24 ・ Delete a bright red flash when hitting an opponent without an armor

Re-45 ・ Increases her FOV (viewing angle) on the iron site to 70, as consistent with other pistols ・ Increase the speed of the stray (strafe) by 5%, as matching with other pistols

30-30 Repeater ・ The dual loader (hop-up with two bullets in one reload) is incorporated into the base weapon. ・ Skull piercer can be installed

Mastiff ・ The launch distance (Projectile Growth) has been reduced ・ Basic launch speed has been reduced from 1.2 to 1.1 ・ Dealed dual loader

Sentinel ・ Dead eyes tempo is incorporated into the base weapon

Wingman ・ Wram ammunition and magazine from heavy amote to sniper ammo

Spitfire ・ Increase in vertical recoil ・ Wram ammunition and magazine from heavy amote to light ammo

Sniper ammunition ・ Increased number of ammunition of snipers from 24 to 28 ・ Sniper's ammunition box includes 14 shots instead of 12 shots.

Next, about the balance adjustment of equipment. As a notable adjustment point, the additional effect of gold (Lv.4) equipment is changed.

Gold backpack ・ The effect of reviving (guardian angels) revived with greatly recovered physical strength and shield when resuscing allies ・ You can carry more physical strength and shield recovery items (deep pockets) Batteries and medical kits can be stacked up to 3 in the inventory The Phoenix kit can be stacked up to two in the inventory

Gold knockdown shield ・ Abolishes the effects (resurrection) that can be self-resurrected when knocking down ・ The guardian angel has a new additional effect (New Perk: Guardian Angel)

Arcster ・ Damage when stabbed into armor is reduced from 40 to 10 ・ The effect of slowing down when stabbed is abolished ・ Explosion damage increased from 70 to 75

detonation hold ・ Add blue attachment to appear items ・ Add laser site to appear items ・ The appearance rate of gold magazine declines

And about the legend. Valkyrie's abilities are generally weakened.


  • VTOL Jet (Passive Ability) ・ Acceleration at the time of activation decreases by about 8% ・ Increased fuel consumption at startup by 33% ・ Aerial boost and structure are 20% debuff when the deceleration effect is received. ・ Added his third orange condition to the fuel meter UI between green (60 % or more) and red (30 % or less)
  • Missile swarm (tactical abilities) ・ Delete the effect of slow down aiming and turning ・ Duration of movement speed reduces from 2.5 seconds to 2.0 seconds ・ Reduce the explosion range from 175 to 125
  • Sky High Dive (Ultimate Ability) ・ Altitude decreased by 25% ・ The launch time is reduced from 5.5 seconds to 5.0 seconds. To rise at a slightly slow speed as the altitude decreases


  • Black Hall (Ultimate Ability) ・ Adjust the attack judgment of Nutt so that it can be destroyed more reliably ・ Increase the damage caused by Newt from explosives by 50%

Watson ・ Improves the placement system of surrounding security (tactical abilities)

New Castle

  • Wound soldiers (passive abilities) ・ The movement speed during resuscitation increases by 25% ・ The slowdown in resuscitation decreases by 50% ・ The durability of the white knock down shield has increased from 150 to 200 ・ The durability of the blue knock-down shield has increased from 250 to 300
  • Mobile shield (tactical abilities) ・ Increased durability increased from 350 to 500 ・ Maximum movement speed is doubled
  • Castle wall (Ultimate Ability) ・ In addition to the slowdown of turning to the electric barrier effect, the slow-down effect of the movement speed also increases.

Mad Maggie

  • Riot drill (tactical abilities) ・ Double the launch speed
  • Wrecking ball (Ultimate Ability)

Apex ・ Move the same amount of magnets and move the doubled distance. ・ The duration increases from 5 seconds to 10 seconds ・ The delay in the appearance of magnets increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.8 seconds ・ Damage to objects that can be placed by enemies: Black Market, Castle Wall, Showcase, Dest Top, Mobile Shield, Black Hall, Amplameter, Gas Ballel. Also, destroy the dome shield of Gibraltar ・ Fixed an issue where the enemy of the enemy of the wrecking ball did not occur


・ The arrangement of amplification barricades ignores the collision with allies (smoother when placing walls around the teammates)

Courtic ・ Fixed a bug that would take more damage at the beginning when your ally shifted from your gas to an enemy gas.

Mirage ・ So that the decoy is scanned by Valkyrie during Sky Diving ・ So that decoy is detected by her shea heart sound detection ・ Fixed a bug displayed as AI instead of a player when decoy was detected by his shea Ultimate Ability

Levnant ・ Dest Touch displays the placement preview (Placement Preview) when activated, not immediately after placement.

In addition, adjustments are added to the rank match. The consumption RP at the time of participation increased by 5RP in all ranks. On the other hand, the reduction of RP obtained at the time of multiple kills is deleted (Removed Diminishing Returns on Eliminations).

In addition, there are three map rotations in the new season: King Scanion, Storm Point, and World Edge. Although it is not described in the patch notebook, it seems that the first week of the season will be limited to the modified King Scanion. In addition to the above, various bug corrections have been implemented. Please check this official page for more detailed updates.

The APEX LEGENDS season 14 Hanted will open tomorrow on August 10.