The lineup of indie games exhibited at BitSummit X-Roads has been decided! Special site is also open to the public

The BitSummit executive committee will hold Japan's largest indie game festival BitSummit X-Roads () scheduled to be held on August 6th (Sat) and 7th (Sun) at Miyako Messe Exhibition Center. BitSummit Crossroads ) special website has been released. In addition, the lineup of general exhibition games is also available on the official website.

As for general exhibition games, high-quality titles pursuing game fun and newness are gathered from home and abroad. You can check the games to be exhibited at the Miyako Messe venue, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, bilibili, and the official BitSummit page.

Furthermore, it seems that there will be plenty of sponsor exhibition titles as well as general exhibitions this year, and it is said that the official distribution on the day will broadcast the game video that was first released on BitSummit from the announcement of the new work, the secret story of the creator's development, etc.

PICK UP! BitSummit exhibit game introduction

BitSummit aims to introduce all the games exhibited through PICK UP! BitSummit Exhibit Games Introduction to as many people as possible. This time, we will introduce the charm of the game and the secret story of the development by official distribution as a guest creator from the exhibition team of BitSummit X-Roads! During the distribution, we will introduce many exhibition game titles other than guest creators, so please look forward to it!

Introduction of Shuhei Yoshida's indie games Introducing new works by indie game studios

Sony Interactive Entertainment His Indies Shuhei Yoshida, the representative of his initiative, will introduce all the new game titles of the popular indie game studio.

Speakers: Shuhei Yoshida, Shuhei Suzuki (Development Department Manager / Producer), Kazuo Komura (Representative Director / Executive Producer), Taichiro Kuroiwa (Director)

Speakers: Shuhei Yoshida, Sebastian Eriksson, Santiago Ferrero, [with interpreter]

Introducing asobu, a community that supports games that fly to the world, and support cases for ElecHead

Introducing asobu, a community that supports global expansion, and examples of support that the developers of ElecHead who received support talk about themselves.

Speakers: Ferrero Ann, Nama Takahashi

RPG time! ~ Legend of Light ~

RPG time! The gameplay and product introduction of ~ The Legend of Light ~ will be delivered by Tom Fujii, the director of this game, and Fujikawa, the editor of Weekly Famitsu.

Speakers: Deskworks Co., Ltd. / Tom Fujii (left image), KADOKAWA Game Linkage / Q Fujikawa

Cygames Presents PLAYISM Creator Talk Session

The game creator Hiroki Matsuura who belongs to Cygames (representative works: Successor of Little Noah Paradise, Dragalia Lost, etc.) focuses on the game creators that should be noted now, and digs into the roots of the game. A dialogue project to dig deep.

Speakers: Sasashi / Creator of Tokoyo no Tou, Hiroki Matsuura / Creator of Little Noah Paradise Successor

Speakers: Makoto Takahama / Creator of Samurai Ringer, Hiroki Matsuura / Creator of Successor to Little Noah Paradise

Shueisha Games Pick up Title introduction!

Pick up and introduce the titles released by Shueisha Games! Masami Yamamoto, who oversees all production projects, will invite the production team of each title to the stage to deliver the latest information. The titles of the introduction will be Captain Velvet Meteor Her Jump + Small Adventure in Another World, The Tower of Children- and ONI (Tentative).

Speakers: Masami Yamamoto

Original Game Contest GAME BBQ vol.2 Detailed Announcement & Creator Panel Talk !!

The original game contest GAME BBQ vol.2 sponsored by Shueisha Game Creators CAMP will be held as it was last year !! At this stage, the details of the contest will be announced again.

Furthermore, a panel talk will be held by inviting members of the previous GAME BBQ vol.1 Grand Prize winning team Acrobatic Chirimenjako and Graveyard Bunko who won the Shueisha Game Creators CAMP Award at Google Play Indie Game Festival 2021 !! What is the support of Shueisha Game Creators CAMP? How have you been developing since receiving the award? And so on, we will talk from the creator's perspective!

Speakers: Horikiri, Mari Hayashi, Acrobatic Chirimenjako, Cemetery Bunko

FAMILY BATTLE Tag Arena Weekly Shonen Magazine Back Cover Battle


Contents: Finals of the online tournament Hours: 8/7 (Sun) 13: 05-13: 55 Tournament Name: FAMILY BATTLE Tag Arena Weekly Shonen Magazine Back Cover Battle Winning prize: Weekly Shonen Magazine September 28, 2022 issue (released September 14, 2022) Right to publish on the back cover

For details on how to apply for the tournament, please see the URL below (Kodansha Creators Lab official website).

Tournament organizer: wawon Teaser PV:

▼ Work introduction

Lemon or mayo to fried chicken on a plate... A big quarrel of a super family who has been divided into two major factions! This work is a 2 to 2 tag battle action game with the concept of family quarrel... Each tag will have different roles for attacker and support.

The attacker mainly has a melee weapon and is responsible for damaging the opponent on the front line, and the support has a ranged weapon and can not do damage like an attacker, but set a wide variety of skills to make the battle situation You can control it. All characters can be used as both attacker and support, and the skills and attack characteristics that can be used differ depending on the character. For example, the eldest son introduced in the video is a character that can turn around quickly even among attackers.

Also, the grandfather introduced in Support is characterized by having the skill to throw a bouncing bomb and restrain the opponent. Since tags require completely different turns, winning the game requires a strategy tailored to the characteristics of the characters, and above all, teamwork.

Speakers: nekogameteacher (Development Team Representative: Nakamichi Yoshiaki), Mizuki Kuroda (MC)

Futari Hime in March

Contents: Work introduction in the form of an interview with the developer Hours: 8/7 (Sun) 13: 55-14: 05 Teaser PV:

▼ Work introduction

The fate of the princess and the world who fall asleep that never ends. The fairy tale Sleeping Beauty did not draw Events while the princess fell asleep. Next to the sleeping princess, the witch Uruzuki is still staring at her sleeping face today. One day, the prince of fate appears and lifts the heavy eyelids. She thinks of the day, remembers the eyes of the princess, and smiles quietly.

A thousand-year story from the 12th century to the 21st century. The fairy tale Sleeping Beauty has been reborn as a visual novel. Descartes, Faust, Nostradamus... A prince candidate who will eventually make a name for himself in the world, visiting every 100 years. Enjoy a classic and new world.

Speakers: Kobayashi Maru (Producer), Kazunari Suzuki (Scenario), Aogacho (Character Design), Yuki Katayama (Editor in charge of Kodansha Game Creators Lab), Mizuki Kuroda (MC)

Different Winter Bokura

Contents: Work introduction in the form of an interview with the developer Hours: 8/7 (Sun) 14: 05-14: 15 Teaser PV:

▼ Work introduction

Different Winter Bokura is a puzzle adventure game for 2 players only. Play is performed on different terminals, and it is forbidden to see the screen of the other party. Each player becomes a runaway boy and aims at the top of the mountain for a certain purpose.

There are many stages ahead of us that can only be overcome by working together. Experience the absurd story that begins with the boys running away from home by solving gimmicks that require inspiration, ingenuity, and communication, and capturing the stage.

Speakers: Tokoronyori (developer), Ryusuke Suzuki (editor in charge of Kodansha Game Creators Lab), Mizuki Kuroda (MC)

GO with high tension! Exclusive release of Devolver Digital's new title by Heigai!

English and Japanese, a hybrid game commentator who uses both swords, Haiguy will introduce the new title Gunbrella.

Speakers: High Gai

Special interview by LayerQ! Guest: Gordon Van Dyke (Co-founder of Raw Fury)

LayerQ, a popular indie game commentator with easy-to-understand explanations, asks Gordon about the secret story behind the development of the Kingdom series!

[Kyoto Prefecture x Quebec Collaboration Program] Game creators who create places overseas

Invest Quebec-Representative of Quebec Investment Corporation in Japan, Representative Director of Skeleton Crew Studio Co., Ltd., and Kyoto Prefecture gathered to create a base in Montreal from efforts to attract the game industry in Quebec. Based on the background of companies, etc., we will deepen the prospect of cooperation in the game industry.

Speakers: Akira Yamaguchi, Masahiko Murakami, Kyoto Prefecture

MC for BitSummit X-Roads official distribution has been decided!

This MC is J-mon and Ai Yokomachi, who are familiar with BitSummit! This year, Layer-Q will introduce the games exhibited at the venue to Ai Yokomachi, a freelance announcer who is also active as a bilingual distributor and MC of many game-related programs.

Ai Yokomachi

In addition, we have prepared a luxurious gift for our viewers this year as well! The content of the gift will change depending on the number of live titles of each team, so please support each team!

[Audience gift] Nintendo Repaid Card for 5,000 yen Increase the number of present lottery by 1 for each game achieved.

Unlimited number of gifts! (Total number of games)

[How to participate in the audience gift project] 1. Follow the official Twitter @BitSummitJP 2. #BitSummit # 14 Hours Gachinko Live Battle #Team Moko #Team Sawayan and Tweet within the target period Participation period: 8/6 (Sat) 10: 00-8 / 7 (Sun) 17:00

[Winning announcement] We will contact the DM of the winner's Twitter account by August 14th from the official account.

[Delivery time of viewer gifts] Shipping is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.


  • Please note that tweets outside the participation period are not covered by this project.

  • The contents of the gift are subject to change without notice.

  • The contents of the project are subject to change without notice.

  • If your BitSummit account is unfollowed before the winning announcement, it will not be eligible.

  • 14 Hours Gachinko Live Battle #BitSummit #Team Moko #Team Sawayan Tweets with only one hashtag are excluded from this project.

BitSummit X-Roads delivered by TikTok creators LIVE!

Many TikTok creators participated in BitSummit this year as well. There are plenty of venue reports and official distribution stage convex projects! Follow your TikTok account to check out LIVE!

Follow the TikTok creator's account to check the LIVE delivery on the day! Shirayuki, Ike-chan, Kimeko, Natsue Coco, Hoshino Mami, Hinokio

The MIX and Chuhai Labs will be distributed overseas from the venue!

The MIX, which handles various game events overseas, and Kyoto's indie game studio Chuhai Labs have teamed up to appear at the BitSummit X-Roads distribution booth! Various projects such as introduction of exhibited works will be delivered from the venue and Twitch.

The MIX is a veteran group of indie games that hold digital and real events such as Guerrilla Collective and Thunderful World, and Chuhai Labs is an indie studio in Kyoto working on the development of VR, consoles, etc.

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