Scientific Wordle of July 23: clues and solution to the word

Saturday is usually a good day to rest, but when you have a free time you do not miss the opportunity to make Wordle's daily challenge, its variants and other similar games. As usual we have prepared a guide to help you guess the word of the scientific Wordle of July 23 with all the advice, clues and their corresponding solution.

Scientific Word of today July 23

The word of the scientific Wordle of July 23 corresponds to the Challenge #132 and is composed of a total of seven letters . An aim to keep in mind is that the word that you must find out is related to chemistry, but it is not necessary that the one you write first.

Today For this reason, you can use some of the attempts to write the word you want to get some letter or placement. If it appears green, it means that you have succeeded with the place where the letter in question is placed, while the yellow color indicates that the place is incorrect, but if it comes out gray, it implies that this particular letter does not exist.

Clues for today's Word, July 23, of the Scientific Wordle

In order to lend a hand you can consult a series of clues that we offer you today's scientific wordle, July 23:

  • It is formed by three vowels.
  • It is formed by four consonants.
  • None of the letters is repeated
  • Among them there is a J and an O.
  • Start by F and end in R.
  • It is a chemical solution.

Solution for today's Word, July 23, of the Scientific Wordle

If the word is attracted to you too much, here are the solution of the scientific wordle of July 23:

* Fixer

To finish we leave you with its meaning :

Chemical solution that converts the image revealed into stable and permanent.

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