Can't you get DLC? List of Ubi Game declared 'stopping multi -support'

If you stop the old online support, you can focus on users of the latest games.

Ubisoft has further declared its past games to suspend online services. The list of games scheduled to be suspended from September 1 this year is as follows.


▲ Assassin's Creed Brotherhood ▲ ▲ Rayman Legend ▲ Silent Hunter 5 ▲ Space Jungki ▲ Splinter Cell: Blacklist ▲

In these games, the use of online game modes such as coop play and PVP will be discontinued, and in some games, online release content such as maps and skins that consumers have been purchased and skin will be disabled.

Ubisoft's decision is not new. Since 13 years, Ubisoft has gradually stopped online services for several games. To date, there are a total of 90 games, and if the above-mentioned games are added in September, they will exceed 100 species. The list can be found in link .

For the reason for stopping online support, Ubisoft explained, We can focus our resources by providing a better experience to users who play new and popular works by stopping the online services of old games. have. Suspending the online service of the oldest work with less users is the cost reduction procedure that other game companies often take.

According to Ubisoft's earnings, the company recorded the highest sales volume of 300 million euros in the three major IPs, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six, in the 2021 ~ 2022 fiscal year. However, despite these results, net sales decreased by 5% year-on-year and IFRS operating profit decreased by 16.6%.


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