Roadmap of the European Lost Ark for the coming months

The players of the European version of the MMORPG LOST ARK waited for the publication of the project’s roadmap for June-July of this year, which contains interesting information for fans.

Within two months, developers plan to release at least one advanced class, and the further introduction of those in the game will take place every two months before the end of this year. Two dozens of first grades will be added before the developers take up new ones.


The developers also recalled that they intend to become more open to the players and admitted that they were blushed with a roadmap on April-May. In the coming months, new raids are also expected, Danzh Thronespire for solo games and much more. The new advanced class Arkanist will be available in July, when new activity, raid and abyss of challenges will also be added.


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