Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted Week 5 Seasonal tests

With a weekly discharge in Destiny 2, another terrible set of tests appears. In the fifth week, only seven tasks remains, but for those who do not have time, they can become a big obstacle, since some of them are a continuation of the previous weeks. Let's take a look!

What is a ghost season 5?

Related Sright V

  • Complete the Bound In Sorrow V and defeat Nightmares on the Moon.

empty grief

  • Pass the Sever-Grief, using only VOID subclass and VOID, Kinetic or Stasis weapons.

Binding of a chain of teams

  • Get a chain of the team chain machine gun.

Leviathan Reaper-Bosses bonds and nightmares

  • Defeat five bosses of bondage in raids or operations Avangard.
  • Defeat five nightmare bosses anywhere in the system.

hold of nightmares III

  • Successfully complete the levels of the public event Containing nightmares on the abandoned Leviathan throughout the season.

shadow focus II

  • Concentrate six dark engrams in weapons at the crown of sorrow.
  • Focus four dark engrams in armor at the crown of sorrow.


Sun burn

  • Defeat the guards. Bonus progress is provided for opponents defeated with solar effects.

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