Strong releases in the Xbox Game Pass: These are the games in May

As always, Microsoft draws attention to the new additions of the Xbox Game Pass about twice a month. The console manufacturer still takes a little time for the official announcement of the May games. Nevertheless, we can already give you a little view of the future and tell you and trailers which new releases move into the Xbox game library.

Xbox Game Pass: First newcomers in May

Microsoft has not yet announced the full range of fresh games for the Xbox Game Pass, but some of the list can be predicted from past reports. Especially with the games that you can play fresh from day one of the release, Xbox is happy to provide information in advance. (Source: Gamerant)

This results in the following timetable for the XGP games in May :

* loot river - from May 3rd

* Citizen Sleeper - from May 5th

Trek to Yomi * - from May 5th Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising * - from May 10th

* Floppy Knights - from May 24th

* Hardspace Ship breaker - from May 24th

* Sniper Elite 5 - from May 26th

_Lest our impression on the new elite 5: _

Reading tip

Sniper Elite 5 alluded: Tour de France as a tactic shooter

Daniel Hartmann

* Pac-Man Museum+-from May 27th

Xbox Game Pass Reveals Final April Games & MAY Games Are LOADED

In addition to the confirmed new releases in the Xbox Game Pass, another game is leaked through, which could add to the gaming subscription in May: This War of Mine: Final Cut is to open on May 19 . However, this message has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft.

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Which games leave the XGP in May?

It is not yet known which games will leave the Xbox Game Pass at the end of the month. As soon as Xbox publishes the full list, we will add the article.

Outlook in the next few months: A large part of the May games is already known. But what does it follow? A few games are also announced for June or July. The following new additions await you in the XGP:

Assassin's Creed: Origins * - appointment unknown For Honor: Marching Fire Edition - appointment unknown Shadowrun Trillgoy: Console Edition _ (Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S) -_ from June 21st * Matchpoint: Tennis Championships - from July 7th


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