Ranch village management simulation game "DragoNoka" Steam version announced, distribution in 2022. Send a slow life on the back of the dragon, "Go around. ] The latest work of developers

On May 22, our active gaming media game publishing brand PLAYISM announced the Steam version of " Dragonoka ". The release time is within 2022. The Steam version supports English/Chinese simplified characters in addition to Japanese.

"Dragonoka" is a ranch -based slow life simulation game that develops the village on the back of the dragon. The stage of this work is a world where super giant creatures called dragons wander around the ground. In addition to the dragon, there are also pests that harm living things on the ground. Humans live on the back of a dragon because of the danger of the ground. The protagonist of this work stood on the back of a turtle -shaped dragon called Grant Task. The protagonist will operate a Grant Tus village in the wake of the encounter with the dragon shrine maiden Nona.

According to the fairy association, Mimimimi, who came from the Dragon Association, the residents have emigrated to other dragons because the Grant Task is not a very strong dragon. At the start of the game, only the dragon shrine maiden Nona and the protagonist are in Grant Task. Since there are no residents, the back of Grant Task is all -you -can -eat. So the protagonist built the house by landing the dragon's back. He grows vegetables and livestock and develops the village while welcoming new residents.

This work provides construction and craft systems, such as consuming materials, installing floors and walls, and creating new items. Also, when the residents of the residents are fulfilled, new tools will be available, and new elements will increase according to the development of the village. Agriculture and livestock are possible as elements, and exploration underground also appears. In the world of this work, there are dragons such as fire dragons and wind dragons besides Grant Task, and someday, the battle between dragons may occur. In addition, this work also has an additional/distribution function of original characters.

The development of this work is "Gige -made Unkan." As a past work, RPG, which goes around the fantasy world. ], 2D robot action "Junk Eden" and so on as a free game. "Go around. In a world dominated by the dark dragon, a world that changes depending on the free gameplay and situation. According to the press release, "Go around. It is said that it is one of the masterpieces among the WOLF RPG editor products. In this work, the PC version has been distributed by DLSite since January 2022. In DLsite, it is made by it. It was released, but Playism was in charge of Publisher at Steam. The Steam version supports Japanese/English/Chinese simplified characters.

The "Dragonoka" Steam version will be distributed in 2022 in correspondence to three languages, including Japanese. The regular price is 1980 yen including tax. In DLSite, product and trial versions for PCs are already being distributed.