LEGO Brawls: Bandai Namco provides further details

Bandai Namco Europe immersed in the Lego universe together with developer Red Games Co. and today announces further details about Lego Brawls, a family-friendly brawler for consoles that we already reported in February.

The light-hearted game is the first of its kind and gives players as a multiplayer brawler control over individualizable mini figures in levels inspired by iconic Lego sets.

In classic LEGO manner, LEGO Brawl's players offer a large selection of opportunities to combine official LEGO components to create their own Brawler mini figures-this also includes load-outs tailored to their own playing style and preferences and preferences Power-ups.

In this way, players can compete against each other with almost everything, starting with baguettes and cake cannons to boom boxes and rocket fists. Due to the multitude of multiplayer modes, unique challenges and conditions for victory, every family member can get into the competitive stone fun.

Players can fight to give their skills in front of family and friends or they are trying to fame worldwide by fighting to the top of the online leader boards.

On Xbox and Nintendo Switch , up to eight players can compete against each other in the local multiplayer, up to four on Playstation. Online modes allow matches with up to eight players and co-op duels with teams from two to four players.

With the variety of popular Lego designs and sets that are available as backgrounds, Lego Brawls is a team brawler for Lego fans of all ages.

LEGO Brawls - Announcement Trailer

LEGO Brawls is for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch appear in late summer 2022.