Here the advance of the next Spy X Family chapter!

During the last weeks, the anime scene has been dominated by Spy x family _. The adaptation of Tatsuya Endo's work has been so well received that everyone looks forward to the new episodes. To relieve this despair a little, new images of chapter eight were recently released.

After getting Anya finally attending the school she owes, Loid and the Forger family face a new challenge. This is Yuri Briar, Yor's brother, and who works as one of the members of the Ostania Secret Police. In this way, the presence of this character puts the Twilight mission at total risk.

However, the unconditional love that Yuri has for his sister, occasionally cloudy his judgment, but Loid cannot lower his guard. Every week a new episode of Spy X Family is released. Although there are not many details for the moment, the first season is likely to reach the facts that are currently in the manga.

In related issues, this is how the previous anime chapter was held. Similarly, Twilight's sad past has revealed.

Editor's note:

Goodnight, Anya | SPY x FAMILY The emotion for this anime is justified. The story presented here is first level, very entertaining, and a heart that many anime and sleeves have. I can't wait to see how future narrative arches adapt.


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