Elden Ring: Rya the scout - Quest around Haus Vulkan

In our Rya Quest guide to Elden Ring you can find out:

  • How to start the quest around Rya
  • What you have to do for the talisman “Daedicars Kummer”
  • How you get the weapon “godskalpnadel”
  • Which three ways lead to the end of the quest

The mysterious Rya is your key to Haus Vulkan in Elden Ring. There you get to know the true form of the scout, discover a secret course and will be rewarded with useful items. But be careful: There are several places where you can break the quest. So follow our guide step by step to successfully complete Ryas Quest and have the chance of all three ends.

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rya find the scout and start the quest

You can find Rya, the scout in Liurnia in a small pavilion east of the picturesque island. Talk to her and she tells of a stolen necklace , which you should bring back from a villain nearby. Take your request to start the quest series.

Find the Black Forest and bring back necklace

Said thief is the stained blackwache, which sits a little further northeast at the crab cooker hut. Talk to the grim guy to the necklace and he offers you a trade. You can buy the necklace for 1,000 runes or you fight with him.

If you let him alive, you can talk to him about Rya and buy him cooked shrimp . For some time, the consumption of consumption increases resistance to physical damage. You also start the Quest series around the Black Forest. Bring the necklace back to Rya. She presents you an invitation from Haus Vulkan and tells you of an abbreviation to the Altus Plateau.

Rya meet in the Altus Plateau and join Haus Vulkan

Regardless of whether you take the abbreviation or the large elevator to Dectus, Rya awaits you in the Altus Plateau. Either she is facing the elevator or you meet her in the ruins of Lux. Talk to her and she invites you to the Vulkan house again. Take your hand to accept the offer and make it Teleport to Gelmir in the scary property. If you reject, the quest ends unfinished here.

There you meet Lady Tanith, the mistress of the house. It presents the key to the social room if you join Haus Vulkan. Do that and you get four orders. All bounty hunter orders from Haus Vulkan and the rewards can be found in the linked guide. To accept them, you have to enter the social room.

Rya's real form and the secret of Haus Vulkan

In the social room you will meet Rya again. Talk to her and carry out the first bounty hunter. Return and appeal to Rya again. She reports of strange noises . If she returns after the next order, she has disappeared.

You will find them in the room opposite on the right side of the Flurs in its true shape , Zorayas. Talk to her and Lady Tanith, rest at a place of grace and return to Zorayas. Now she is Rya again. Talk to her again and again with Tanith and then enter the first room to the right in the hallway.

secret course and the dark side of Haus Vulkan

In this room there is a secret course that penetrates the strange noises that Rya has told you. To release it, makes a role in the wall in front of which the body lies. Fight through the corridors until you reach the place of the grace “Church of the Kuner Community”.

Behind it lies the secret city in Lava under Haus Vulkan. Fight in the fiery dungeon to the next place of grace and then return to Rya. Report your discoveries and go back to the dungeon. At the end you reach the Temple of Eiglay by expecting the Boss Adliger of the godskalpe . After the victory, you will receive the weapon “godskalpnadel” and the warrior “sublime presence”.

On the altar you will find the snake amnion **. Bring it to Rya and shows her. After the conversation, you rest at a place of grace and talk to Tanith about Ryas (Zorayas) disappear. The lady gives you the potion of forgetting and you now have several options to end the quest.

Find ## Rya's hiding place and prepare quest ends

To find Rya, return to the Eggglay temple and take the small elevator to the right of the altar. Run around the balcony until you come to a place where you can jump off to a lavablet **. Follow the path over the mountains and you reach an old building.

Open the door on the right and follow the path over the stairs. In the next building you take the elevator in the south. Turn around while driving and jumps through the open door . In the next room you jump through the window and cross the lava below. Rya can be found in the small, candles illuminated with candles.

Good ending: Defend the potion and defeat Prince Rykard

Speak to Rya, reject your wish and deny her the potion. If you have eliminated all the destinations of Haus Vulkan, Lady Tanith offers you to meet Prince Rykard - and with “meeting” the good actually means a boss fight. Accept Tanith's offer and teleport you in a cave, the audience path.

It leads directly to the boss arena. In the linked guide, we reveal how her prince Rykard and the god -loving snake conquer. Then talk to Rya again and refuse the potion again. Rest set at a place of grace, return and you will receive the Talisman “Daedicars Kummer” and Zorayas letter.

Alternative end: Rya give the potion of forgetting

Rya handed over the potion of forgetting and she falls asleep. Then talk to Lady Tanith and defeat Prince Rykard. All other NPCs have left the Haus Vulkan, meet Rya one last time in the social room . Then snap at a place of grace, return and the Talisman is your.

If you first defeated Boss Rykard without talking to Tanith about Rya, Lady leaves the potion before her disappearance on the thr1. The conversation with her after you have given Rya the potion is of course no longer possible.

bad end: kill Rya and get talisman “Daedicars Kummer”

If you follow Ryas, please and kill her, take her true shape again and handle the Talisman “Daedicars Kummer” in dying. Then you can talk to Lady Tanith about what has happened and go to day -to -day business.

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