Dieses Scarlet Witch

With Doctor Strange 2, the former surgeon Stephen Strange conjured up the screen again a few days ago. If you do not yet know whether the visit to the multiverse is also worth a visit to the cinema, take a look at our criticism of the film. On the other hand, if you have already managed the various multiverses, our spoiler article on Doctor Strange 2 should be interested.

Fortunately, there are no spoilers here, just a successful Cosplay . Because of course the cosplay community does not stay quietly in the cinema chair, but diligently tailors costumes of her favorite Marvel characters. In addition to Doctor Strange, the film of the same name also plays an important role in Wanda Maximoff alias Scarlet Witch **, which is why Cosplayer Kristinkillastic has already immortalized her.

Scarlet Witch in stress: This cosplay was finished just in time


Resourceful Marvel fans know: The Scarlet Witch-Cosplay from Kristinkilltastic does not come from Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness , but from the own series of Magic: Wandavision. There Wanda wore the costume on the occasion of Halloween and thus enchanted the entire neighborhood.

The fact that the cosplayer was not yet able to orientate herself on the Scarlet Witch from Doctor Strange 2 makes sense if you take a closer look at her Reddit post: In fact, Kristinkilltastic has gone to the cinema and therefore did not yet know the film. She was even able to finish her cape and headdresses shortly before the visit to the cinema - however, this spontaneity is hardly seen in the successful cosplay.

other crazy cosplays from the multiverse

If you consider the existence of the multiverse, many cosplays in other worlds may exist in reality. Regardless of this theory, many outstanding costumes with their authenticity and have an almost lifeline.

So this Arial cosplay could rise directly from the sea to meet your loved ones, just like this Little Sister from Bioshock could follow you with her Big Daddy through dark streets. And this Lara Croft Cosplay from Tomb Raider also seems to have jumped into reality in order to discuss their separation from Square Enix.

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