Cogconnective price of the game of the year 2019: the most disappointing

This year, we saw an incredible handful of games such as Control, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Outer Wilds and more, but we also saw a lot of disappointments. One of our categories for the Cogconnesed Game of the Year Awards 2019 is the category of the most disappointing games, and we have officially compiled our nominees for the year. These games are not necessarily the worst of 2019, but they are certainly the most depressing, disappointing or underperforming that we have seen.

Some of our nominees for the most disappointing game of the year are Anthem, Kingdom Hearts 3, Code Vein and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Breakpoint. To see our full list of nominees, be sure to start playing on the video below!

Dunkey's Best of 2019

What are your choices for the most disappointing games of 2019? Have we missed it? Have we had something wrong? Share your reflections with us in the comments below and do not forget to consult our YouTube channel for the rest of our game of the Year Awards.

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