Wolfsburg trotzt Oberdorf

After a deceptive first minute, Bayern saw himself, without the positive coach Jens Scheuer, suddenly in the Bredouille, because Torfrau's ideally protected after an arc lamp in the penalty area and made Jonsdottir heads - a defense player could save in the goal room (11. ). A little later, Oberdorf was injured after a foul of berensteyn in the center circle (16th), Popp came in.

Wolfsburg reacted to the injury shock with the 1: 0 leadership. Roord hit the second row placed and flat in the left corner (19th). The VfL deserved the lead in the following years, only just before the break, the FCB occurred before 2330 fans to first good offensive actions. Viggosdottir had the grand chance to pinpile to 1: 1 after a corner and school position errors in the goal room - the ball was just over the box.

Panel blow after restart

Bayern came well from the cabin and awarded by BerrySteyn by hoe the early balancing (46th). Little later, it still stood 1: 1, because Janssen Damnjanovic brought in the penalty area into the penalty area and transformed the Serbin icy cold from a penalty point (52.)

Then an open game developed with opportunities on both sides. Kumagai, which in the 55th minute missed the 2: 1 for the FCB tight, made the preliminary mistake in the 61st minute, because she had a Huth-flank passed in the center. Roord was again on the spot and hit Flach to Wolfsburg's leadership.

Xe Arc Lamp TLS Adjustment Procedure With Gwinn and Schüller Munich rang the final offensive, but was hardly possible to possibilities. On the contrary: Waßmuth put the decisive impact (80.) after a Huth-passing with a worth seeing direct loss (80th). Last Bavaria forecasts including Dallmann-Zeitenor (82nd), in the end, in the end, the overall entry of VfL Wolfsburg to the Cup final, which will take place on May 28 in Cologne. The opponent of the VFL is determined between Bayer Leverkusen and Turbine Potsdam.