Red Bull Salzburg cheers over ninth championship titles in a row

Point record in the base throughout and only a conceded defeat. On a sovereign way, Red Bull Salzburg once again caught up with the championship title in the Bundesliga and may already sit down the crown in the Austrian House for the ninth time in a row. After the 5-0 home win against Wiener Austria, the Mozartädter four rounds before the end are no longer to displace from the top of the table and already cheer the 13th championship since the entry of Red Bull. "It is important that we have won today and have shown What we can. We are very proud of the team performance throughout the season and every one of everyone here, "celebrates Noah Okafor the renewed title win.

Interview mit Andreas Ulmer #17_EC Salzburg

Most victories in a Bundesliga season

The foundation stone for the title defense, the Salzburger already laid at the beginning of the season, when under Matthias Jaissle, the first ten league games could decide for themselves and with a third-point of 26: 5 the table with ten points lead to the first pursuer storm Graz clearly led. In the basic routine, with 55 collected meters in 22 rounds, a new record was set up and had to be beaten only once in the current season.

"That has awarded us all the season that we have always got well in the games from the head. We have never graduated and despite the upheaval in the summer really good performance shown. A big praise to all," Captain Andreas Ulmer holds, The one or the other beer shower has not spared the success season of the Salzburg. For example, one moved into the final of the ÖFB Cup and was able to qualify for the first time in the club history for the second round of the Champions League.

Even after the league division, in the Mozart city, there was no fluttering, won all the first six games in the upper play-off and put a clear sign that this year again no passing past the young, wild team of the serial master, with an average age of the Cadera of 22.6 years has the most recent of all teams, gives. "We enjoyed all day. Celebrating in front of such a backdrop is a madness. That's just top. Win a title is never easy, now we want to enjoy that. We have made us all this possible through hard work Successfully started and can look back on a beautiful season, "says Defender Rasmus Kristensen.

Ulmer with twelfth championship title

With Luka Sucic, Nicolas Seiwald, Oumar Solet, Benjamin Sesko or the young Danish young steam player Maurits Kjergaard took some youngster an impressive development under the supervision of coach Jisionle and convinced not only in national league shoot, but also showed on an international parquet that one was quite can keep up with European top teams. "The boys have done very well this season. They were always motivated, have a lot of talent and were always ready to fight," Kristen praises his younger colleagues.

But with the championship gain, you are not satisfied in Salzburg for a long time, now it is important to put the focus on the upcoming ÖFB Cup final against the SV Ried to close the season with the double gain in the best possible way. "So far we will not celebrate today because we want to crown the season with the ÖFB Cup victory," says a visibly shaded Andreas Ulmer, who was already allowed to cheer his twelfth Bundesligatine with the Salzburgers.