New collection type RPG element steeple, released on April 26

The Efun Company Limited announced that it has confirmed its launch on April 26, which comes with its mobile collection RPG 'element steeple'.

The 'Element Steeple' is an active game with a variety of news, including a variety of news, including a variety of news, including a vividly reproducing a pre-reservation, a charming game in a preliminary reservation, an attractive game that has been prepared in a preliminary reservation, It is a mobile game that is collecting topic.

We guarantee a high degree of freedom to enjoy up to 33 million extended cultivation trees in a variety of races, five elements, and 8 jobs. You can also experience your own combinations and strategies, as well as a customized skill strategy, or a counter strategy considering the enemy's combinations and utility. Every time, the head fighting with other skills and strategies is also one of the funny factors.

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In addition, it is possible to grow up in a variety of ways, enhance and nurtures, and what they are going to have a lot of options, and the enthusiasm who wants to reach higher rankings, It is full of charm full of attractive.

The 'Element Steeple', which advance reservations in advance before launch, provides participant's power to 100,000 won, and will be added to the Google Play Store Pre-reservation participant for additional $ 50,000 game items. In addition, there is a pre-reservation event that provides chicken gifts, Google Gifticon, PlayStation 5, and Galaxy S22 among the participants, and the events that are participating and enjoying in the 'E platform', which is the official platform,

The official official said, "I set the release date of Mobile Game Elementary Tower on April 26," I hope that "I will not miss it because it was not limited to the pre-reservation period," which was a rich reward. In addition, we will always be able to reward the game for the interest and support you sent so far. "