I declined to 16 games that have not been released.

The Korea Games Policy Authority has released a probabilized item autonomous regulatory proposal game according to the autonomous regulation (next Code of Code of Conduct (the following Code of Conduct (the following Code of Conduct (the following Code of Conduct (the following Code of Culture), which is implemented in the Korea Games Industry Association on the 18th.

This presentation is based on the revised Code in December last year. The Code of Conduct is that the capsule content, such as the existing character drawing, and the equipment drawing, such as the equipment, and the enhancement of the equipment, such as strengthening equipment, and equipment synthesis, such as enhancing the equipment and equipment synthesis, and pet synthesis, etc.

In the instrument, we monitor the probability disclosure for online and mobile upper 100 games from one to the end of every month. If you discover the notes in the process, you have advised the appropriate advisory to the game and operators, and if you do not modify the number of consecutive universities, you will take a public and autonomous regulatory certification measures.

As a result, the Autonomous Regulatory Committee in the Organization (hereinafter referred to as follows), as of March this year, there were 16 specimens (3 kinds of online), 3 kinds of microphone, 13 species of mobile. Compared to the results of February, we decreased 4 species, and the instrument was excluded from the Freestyle 2, Preston Tail, and the Special Force in February, and excluded from the list in March.

Subsequently, the autonomous regulation of autonomous regulations was also reported. The total number of games was 169, and the total compliance rate is 81.7%. Based on the platform, 77 of 77 were observed and 92.2% of the compliance rate, and Mobile was 72.8% of the total of 67 of 92. If you see the compliance rate based on nationality, domestic is 93.2% and 42.9% overseas.

AAA Gaming is dying

The Committee of the Hwang Sung - Ki The Autonomic Regulatory Evaluation Committee The chairman of the Committee is "a self-regulated regulation to reveal the probability of reinforced and summed content, and there is a decision in that it has reached 93.2% in Korea," As a result, it is achieved that the vast data is transparently disclosed in paid co-molding content, "was achieved as a self-regulation." In the future, GSOK will cooperate with domestic and overseas operators and would do our best to protect the rights of users.