How to drop a cabbage for 100 or more meters in one throw in Fortnite

As part of the tests of the sixth week, you will have to drop cabbage at a distance of at least 100 meters in Fortnite. This task can be divided into two parts. The first part includes Find cabbage and the second part of the task includes Find a place throw cabbage.

where to find cabbage in Fortnite

Cabbage in Fortnite is usually inside Box . These boxes for products can be found everywhere. However, there is no guarantee that in each box of products you will find cabbage. If it is difficult for you to find cabbage, go to happy tourist or Chateau Bob . You must find cabbage here. Nevertheless, here is a map showing the approximate location of all boxes with products and cabbage in Fortnite.

As soon as you collect cabbage, go to any open place and start building a ramp as high as you can. Rise on the ramp, and then indicate the Earth and mark the place . Binding of the keys by default for marking points: Middle mouse button on pc or left cross on console . This mark should tell you how high you are.

If you are at an altitude of 100 meters and higher, equip the cabbage and just drop it using an alternative fire button on your device. If you are not at an altitude of 100 meters, just continue to build. However, keep in mind that if others shoot at least one ramp, your entire structure will collapse. So it is better if you have a teammate who looks after you while you are trying to complete this task.

As an alternative, if you are trying to complete this task in without assembly , just get to the top of one of airships on the map and throw cabbage into the sky from the airship. Good luck, Laser!

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