Fan surprise for the toughness of "Koji"! Hidden in the picture of the new event "Hanaoyu Shion Garden", "not only movies" production

*In this article, there is a spoiler of the event "Hakayagu Shion Garden". Please be careful.

The event "Hakayagu Shion Garden" is held on April 25 at 4:59 on April 25 at the PS5/PS4/smartphone/PC open world RPG "Harajin". Fans have become a hot topic when a certain device in it is very elaborate.

The gimmick is in a picture drawn by Albedo, which appears in the story. In his paintings, there was a mechanism in which hidden pictures came out when water was applied. In fact, in the movie scene of the event, a traveler who is a player character is watering and enjoys its smart production.

However, this production is found to be not just the movie! Even in normal times, it is possible to water the picture, and the picture emerges firmly.

Fans have praised this elaborate device, such as "Fine!"

A certain person is drawn in the picture that emerges. It is the sixth -largest person, "Scaramash," "Fatus," which is a Fudui executive, and the code name is "Zanhyo". It is a character that appeared in the past in Monde events and the derives of lightning.

Scaramash is likely to increase the exposure in the game in the future, as the shocking facts have been revealed in the lightning mission of the lightning. Is there a change in relationship with travelers? He doesn't know what he's thinking, and in that sense he's one of the characters I'm looking forward to in the future.

This is the case that realizes that "Harajin" is made carefully to the details. I can't wait for what kind of surprise next time.


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