[Every Saturday On Twitter Sweepstakes] ADV "Needy Girl Overdose" will be given to the sick system delivery girl!

Every Saturday 21 o'clock, PC game hit GAME * SPARK official Twitter present plan!

This time, WSS Playground will handle We will give you the PC (Steam) version of "Needy Girl Overdose" to one by lottery!

This work is an adventure that grows to the strongest Internet Angel (Deliverer), a Girl "Ameri", a girl who is a good approval. The player must make the follower one million people within 30 days while making mental management as Ame-chan's "P '. Multi-ending form is adopted, and it is also a bad deployment depending on the player's selection....

This work was delivered on January 21, 2022, and in April, the total number of sells in total with 350 million. We are gradually growing popularity.

How to apply for a gift plan, follow the GAME * SPARK official Twitter and just retweet the appropriate tweet! Check the following for more information such as winning.

Details of Present Planning

  • GAME * SPARK's official Twitter (@game) is followed and asked for a tweet listed as [STEAM gift present] within the deadline.

  • Winners will contact you by direct email (followers who have not opened email are not elected).

  • A non-published Twitter account is not subject to winning.

【NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD】MENHERA GF IS BEST GF【VTUBER】 * Do not present the winners' name, so please refrain from replying or direct mail.

  • If you do not have a STeam account, you will not be eligible for winning.

  • Winners should reply within 2 days for communication from GAME * SPARK official Twitter. If there is no reply, it will not be eligible for winning.