Wow-Guide: Designer XYMOX in the RAID mausoleum of the first (LFR, normal heroic)

Yes, it's the same xy'mox as from Nathria Castle and yes, with his XY cartel, he is also in the new Wow-Schlachtzug mausoleum of the first in search of valuable artifacts. New tricks he did not learn many in the third Shadowlands raid. And so you will find you quickly in the fight if your XY'MOX has already fought in Castle Nathria.

In our RAID guide to Designer XY'MOX, we first show you a brief summary of the most important skills of the boss and link to a suitable video guide. If you want to look at the BOSS guide to Xy'mox with all skills in detail, then reads.

xy'mox short guide

  • Is distributed due to cannon boat
  • Sets a dimension rupture at the excursions and the other outside (preferably previously removed fixed place) and thus deviates the genesis rings
  • At 75, 50 and 25 percent life points of the boss appear Adds. **** Focused in these intermediate phases only the Akolyths before transforming themselves and interjusted their spells.
  • When tank turns the acolyths in the intermediate phases away from the group.

XY'MOX Video Short Guide

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It is rotated

Before we devote ourselves to the hated teleport mechanics, you have to be distributed over most of the fight to keep the damage of gunboat bombardment as low as possible. This bombardment on random players aligns a lot of damage and causes his damage in a five-meter radius around the destination. At your positions, the well-known stasis traps appear (from Heroisch), which will be active after two seconds, miss a violent dot when touching and stun.

Lihuvim Raid Guide - Normal/Heroic Lihuvim Sepulcher of the First Ones Boss Guide The traps can be deactivated with immune effects such as the tag or coat of the shadows. Unlike in the encounter in Nathria Castle, however, the falls will be active after some time . The traps are sometime everywhere and you may not be distributed throughout the room.

Portal fun

With dimension crack xy'mox marks two players. These receive an eighth-native debuf, which detonates after expiration and leaves a portal input or output. These worm holes are placed near the carvers in the middle of the combat area and at a predetermined location on the edge of the battlefield . All players must now pay attention to the big ball in the air **. When this moves, it becomes visible where the fatal genesis rings arise. Wow: RaidGuide Designer XY'MOX - Mausoleum of First (LFR, Normal Heroic) (2) Source: external

This is a deadly Nova, which spreads through the combat area and can not be touched. So tanks and carvers remove from the starting point of Nova and move to the wormhole that was placed on the edge. If the genesis rings do not endanger the portal in the middle, the wormhole traverses at the edge to safely stand in the middle and thus bypass the NOVA.

This mechanism does not always play the same. Sometimes the Nova also runs inward from the outside. The gaming then runs the other way around: Mugs wait until the Nova is no longer at the edge and take the wormhole, while remote fighters move quickly to the wormhole in the middle and pass as soon as possible.

xy'mox 'cartel

At 75, 50 and 25 percent life points Xy'mox runs in the middle of the battlefield and is immune to damage. Now Diving two types of adds with different skills that are considered as soon as possible. Only when all the adversaries are defeated, this phase ends and the fight starts from the beginning.

The Acolyths of the cartel XY must be collected quickly by your tanks and are focused by damage distributors . Do not die fast enough, they become hyperlichtarchons , making them a hopes and become an even more powerful being. In addition, the Akolyths bombarded tanks with a huge shot that causes stacking and causing more damage. The Akolyths have a frontal gap attack , which you have to turn away as a tank from the group. Wizard of the cartel XY channeling of the beam on fellow players causing damage and slows them down. Wow: Raidguide Designer XY'MOX - Mausoleum of the first (LFR, normal heroic) (3) Source: external Remote fighter interrupt the beam as well as possible. During this add phase, the RAID suffers steadily pulsating damage from XY'MOX. Since the rest of the fight is hardly dangerous, your healers should pick up strong Raid Cooldowns for this phase. If your damage distributors can not switch off the Akolyths before their transformation quickly enough, combat rush / heroism in this phase is not a bad idea. Death Knight with her death grip and magic, with which you can collect the adds on a heap, help enormously in tackling the adds.

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