World Cup in Qatar: Fifa meets with Amnesty International

As the World Association announced on Sunday, a delegation of Amnesty International will be a guest in the FIFA headquarters in Zurich. Should be discussed "the situation of foreign workers in Qatar" in connection with the World Cup at the end of the year.

As part of the meeting, Amnesty is intended to pass a petition according to the notification of FIFA to accept the topic. Following this, a discussion with labor rights experts of a Qatar FIFA partner will take place.


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Qatar 2022: The way from the World Cup assignment to today

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  • In December 2010, the World Cup 2022 is awarded to Qatar.

  • Five years later, FIFA decides to develop a World Cup in the winter months for the first time.

  • For eleven years, non-sporting topics have dominated the World Cup: It's about voice purchase, exploitation of workers on construction sites and fundamental human rights.

  • After use for workers: Prison for ex-media director of the World Cup Organizing Committee

  • HAMMER at play-offs draw: Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Nordmasedonia - only one goes to the World Cup

The FIFA shared with the discussion "for the current status" of reforms as well as "for the further work that is still to be made so that these changes can be completely implemented on the entire labor market".

Working Conditions in Qatar Ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Amnesty International applies because of the human rights situation in Qatar as a loud critic of the World Cup assignment.