We have played Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Almost three years after being shown at E3 2019 and enthusiasm the millions of fans of the universe created by George Lucas, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is about to finish the stores. On the way, new films have not been released, but several SPIN-OFF series have arrived, such as The Mandalorian or Boba Fett that are making one of the best moments of a license that has already 45 Years behind him.

And thank goodness that new tapes have not been released, since that would have destroyed the faith of Traveller's Tales and Warner Bros. Games, who have an ambitious project in which we can recreate, the LEGO style, of course, the 9 films Main, with its corresponding three trilogies. We were able to attend a talk in which I was Michael Denny , Studio Director, and Mike Constalvay , the main designer of the game, who gave us the keys to this particular love letter to the Star Wars universe.

In addition, We have been able to play an hour to the adventure, which has helped us to have a clearer idea of ​​what we are going to find. A tribute to the world of Laser's saber in which he has become a lot of love, and that he promises to be the bomb to play in company thanks to his multiplayer section. So, as Chewbacca would say: _ "ggwwrghh" _ .

I have on my back a few LEGO GAMES , with special affection for those based on batman , and also in that genius that tribute rendered Indiana Jones . Although they were forgiven some problems for the fact of being designed to play in company, where the fun of sharing that moment makes us more flexible when judging, it is great that since TT have realized that there were aspects that They had to renew. My feeling with the new Lego Star Wars has been that he played the same as always, but different.

Read that as a positive connotation, because it is not that it is the same as before Lego Star Wars . There is no copy / downside even though there are already games based on the first two trilogies, so calm. These changes are noticed from the first moment, for concept and mechanical. First of all because now the camera and the action is closer than ever from our protagonists of virtual plastic . It is not that the game look for spectacularity, but it does maintain the type at a technical level and it is appreciated despite its apparent preconceived simplicity.

We've Played LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga for Over an Hour! | Hands-On PREVIEW + NEW Gameplay

What I liked most is the variety of possibilities that seems to offer. We could only play the part corresponding to Episode IV , with the Empire, led by Darth Vader , attack the ship of the rebels. There, we started taking control of Leia , in fun shootings in which the game takes advantage of the possibility of building to give us a system of coverage that has little to envy any shooter. Of course, we can also punch, chaining different combos, and resolving puzzles of all kinds to be able to move forward. Humor, by the way, is present in every corner. From an absurd detail that you do not expect at a scene, even integrated into the development itself. How to open a gate and see Three Stormtrooper doing the particular hot-tub of it in a jacuzzi .

In our session we advance more and there was still step by step what happened in the film. From Luke's investigate in Tatooine or the first encounter with Han Solo and Chewie. Even with Obi-Wan Kenobi cheating enemy troops with Jedi powers. They promise absolute fidelity to the tapes and it is something that is reflected in innumerable details that we will probably pass by . In the end, my session ended up helping our hairy friend to repair the millenary hawk, finding the pieces while he took everything he learned to end all the enemies that came out on the screen. Very funny, but overwhelming moments to switch between the characters to use certain powers and actions; Something that will be minimized by playing in cooperative.

Also I felt overwhelmed . TT has done a huge job and playing an hour I have barely scratched the surface of episode IV. But they are 9! It is as if it were a 9 games in 1, of those that were included years ago in the Game Boy. But here not all are the same. There are many options, a wide amalgam of content and More than 100 characters from the Star Wars universe Available . And, if we use one of them at a specific point, we will unlock new options. Without forgetting the presence of secondary, ships and other surprises that we will add to the repertoire as we play. In addition, each level has unique challenges and some puzzles that offer different options or roads, according to our choice.

There are a lot of hours of content planned: Star Wars for a while. And I think it's the best thing that can be told to a fan of the saga. Although we could not play it, in the presentation they showed us some other sequence of the last trilogy, which will be the first time it adapts to the LEGO style . As for example a space battle taking control of poe dameron , and a deforestant sequence of Kylo Ren, in GROUPIE plan with Darth Vader , before dropping all the wrath of him destroying things; In one of the scenes that generated the most memes on the day of him.