This case must remain unique in the 3rd league

On Thursday's afternoon, the bomb burst, TurkGücü Munich has to set the game mode with immediate effect, which also has massive consequences for the other 19 teams - especially those involved in ascent races or relegation battle.

"Goal must be that this case remains unique in the 3rd league"

"This is a sad day for the 3rd league. Of course, Türkkücü Munich and its affected employees have the greatest damage. At the same time, it is negative for the entire league and competition when a club leaves during the season. The goal is to be that this Case in the 3rd league remains unique, "Hartmann comments on the process in an interview on the internal website of the association.

After the Munich is from the last five championship game days - the 3rd league currently has the 31. Gameday of a total of 38 laps - sees the game order to take all games with Turkish cu participation from the rating. An alternative does not look at Hartmann on this procedure, because "the competition would also be distorted when all games to which the club no longer start is automatically considered for the respective opponents. That would now be seven games in which the opponents are attractive Points would come. "

Final Day Relegation Battle - 2010/2011

In such a case, there is no optimal solution.

Manuel Hartmann

However, the managing director games operation admits that there is "in such a case no optimal solution". The border to set five games before the end is the attempt to keep the impact on competition as low as possible.

In addition to the regulations, Hartmann also gives concrete insight into the number work, which Turkhücü has become a fatal. "In the context of the approval procedure before the season, a personnel expenses game operation of about three million euros indicated. In the meantime, personnel expenses have grown to around five million euros. These two million euros difference are quite exactly the liquidity gap that has become a mortality of the club now is ", clarifies Hartmann.

DFB sees no compliance in the case of Turkish cu

A complicity of the association regarding a lax approval of TurkGücü does not look at Hartmann: "The three million euros for the game operation were a realistic size that has been incorporated into the confirmation of economic performance." According to Hartmann, higher expenses in TurkGücü were built between June and October, especially in the change period, but at that time the admission procedure was already completed.