New series of dismissals at Gamigo

It is to believe that each evolution at Gamigo is accompanied by its wave of layoffs: the merger of the group with Aeria Games in 2016 had already led to a "restructuring" of the workforce, so in 2018 when the German operator has redeemed Trion Worlds and thanked some of the employees of the American studio, then again last year when Gamigo lost the rights of operation of ARCHEAGE and now today Hui, while part of the German group employees announced in turn to have been dismissed - spotted by Massively, who identifies dismissals in most team game teams, excluding Fractured that comes from to enter the catalog of Gamigo. Clearly, Gamigo identifies its priorities.

We know the context of this new restructuring: last year, the studio definitely closed the servers of several of its games - Defiance and Defiance 2050 , Twin Saga , Eden Eternal , and at the same time, Atlas Reactor has been transformed into Atlas Rogues before being abandoned just as Skydome . And the (Double) the group's flagship title was obviously up and ARCHEAGE: UNCHAINED , whose exploitation was taken up by Kakao Games at the end of last year.

Why do Gamigo kill MMO's? - [MMOPINION] Officially, the studio continues the operation of Trove or RIFT , but it is the community teams of the two MMORPGs who are touched today, with some others - notably the Vilya CM, which was In charge of the RIFT community and announcing his departure last Friday on Discord... since the official Rift and Trove forums have discreetly closed their doors a few weeks ago. We remember that at the end of last year, Gamigo promised a "big update" for RIFT whose deployment was expected during the "first quarter 2022". Quarter that comes to an end and without any major update unveil - if it is not the resurrection of an animation initially organized in 2013.

It is still unknown what a future gamigo reserves to its historical games, including Rift and Trove (yet presented as profitable), but the operator manifestly seems to seek to focus on Fractured Online , whose launch is scheduled this year, for bail out his accounts. By then, the employees concerned indicate on social networks to be a quest for a new job.