Canceled problems without drums of Xbox version "Taiko no Taiko THE DRUM MASTER!" - If you connect to "WINGMAN XB Converter" OK

Game Accessories Manufacturer Broook Design has updated the firmware of " Wingman XB Converter " and responded to the " Taiko Master THE DRUM MASTER! ".

"B Rook Wingman XB Converter" solves the problem that simulation controllers that each manufacturer is launched generally only on a specific platform. With compatibility to each platform, players are available without having to purchase peripherals dedicated to other game consoles separately. On January 27, the Xbox version "Taiko no Taiko's Thao Drum Master!" The Xbox version "Taiko Master's THE DRUM MASTER!" Also, only a dedicated drum of Nintendose switch, but this product does not have a dedicated drum with the XBOX version But it is possible to play with drums. Connect a drum dedicated to PS / Nintendose switch to WINGMAN XB and adjust the button assignment within the Xbox. You can play the songs that can play sides without delays, and you can experience the fun as they are actually playing.

In addition, by upgrading, it can be used for flight controllers. In Xbox, many popular flight simulation games such as "Microsoft Flight Simulator" and "Ace Combat" series are released, but the majority of flight controllers currently marketed are PS compatible, and Xbox and Old Xbox Console It does not correspond. This time, the Firmware of the Wingman XB Converter has been updated, and the Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S can also use the flight controller.