2022 Game Bill Pro Baseball Superstas Opening, Large-scale Season Update

Com2us Holdings (representative law) will change the game of 'Gameville Pro Baseball Superstars' for the new season '2022 Games Bill Pro baseball superstars (2022 gampsu)' and announced on the 24th that it has conducted a large-scale season update.

2022 Gamp is upgrading the 'My own athlete classic', which has a high level of users, and prepares the oldest gift to prepare for the season opening atmosphere. For all users who participated in the 2022 season advance reservation, they paid 'Legend Trainer Options'. One of the rare items that help you to strengthen your club power because you can choose the Legend Trainer you want. Throughout the season opening attendance event, we present 'Premium recruitment 10 + 1 coupon' that can only be a total of 220 trainers. In the 19th of the next month, 'Baseball Ball Collection Events', which will perform a variety of missions, obtain a baseball ball and exchange it as a variety of compensation, including 'Legend Trainer Options' and 'Costume Coin'.

In the season update, it is characterized by adding a permeability to the 'My Player Classic', which is a long-term fostering mode. Now, not only the batter, but also the pitcher, can be steadily nurtured by a long-standing player and utilize it as a core power. It has been possible to expand to up to 13 years to up to 13 years in the conventional decade. In the Three Strike Threeball situations, it will proceed to 'Pulcound Mode', which is a ball, and he takes six innings. Legend Trainer 'Annie' also appeared first. It is expected that the finishing trainer of the mental property is expected to help to cultivate strong pitcher. The new trainer 'Annie' and the popular Legend Trainer 'Mikaella' can soon be a more recruitment of the "Mikaella" will proceed to 5 days next month.

Baseball Superstars 2020 Planet League Championship Game 1

'Gampya' is a casual bilateral baseball game that is developed by Com2us Holdings, and is popular through user-friendly updates and upgrades, and various events, and various events. Detailed pre-reservation and updates can be found through the official cafe.