What are the correct answers to Queen's questions in "Voice of Maps: Refixed Virgo"?

How To Turn On/Disable Voice Navigation On Google Maps & Also Change Lady Voice Language Deep in the heart domain is the queen, externally similar to Lati. After the victory over the giant shadow, she will begin to ask you questions about how well you know your companion, and will spare you if you answered them correctly.

However, all questions with trick. All the right answers to Queen questions is not part of the choice provided by . You will understand this as soon as you get to the third question, where she asks who Lethi hates most.

Like most elections in the "voice of cards", many of them do not affect the main plot. Of course, there are those, nate somehow to distort the story, for example, give a woman dangerous spirits that you found on the south island, and not destroy the monster egg before leaving the forest near Fenmos.

The choice can make things more difficult or easier, but none of them will affect the ending that you get.

After the events in the heart domain, you will temporarily not be able to return. The pace will also speed up, so make sure you are armed with the best weapons and armor, which can only get.

Additional information about Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden can be found in the program manuals.