NFT also with NCsoft 'Multifunctional mode'

What Are Bigtime Space NFTs and Why They Will Make Millions NCsoft will enter the 'Market Release Mode' by 2025 due to TL, aimed at the launch of the second half of this year. In the past 14 days, all new titles, including the number of new titles, such as Aion 2, are aiming for global attorneys, and NFT is also introduced in Lineage W 2-region (North American and European) versions..

This content was announced through the 15th annual and 4Q earnings conferencing calls for the annual and 4Q earnings. NCs Soft Hongwon Joon CFO said, "It is a great idea that the domestic market is hard to improve its value. I checked the potential in the global market, and I am top priority to leap to a global game company. "

In this case, NCsoft switches to a multifunctional mode from 2023 to 2025. Unlike the conventional of the concrete content for the game at the time of release, it is planning to communicate in the process of receiving user feedback from the beginning of the development. NCsoft has decreased by 4% YoY in Lineage W on Lineage and Performance, and it seems that the existing business, which has been in charge of domestic centered, has encountered the limit.

The approximate release of this is a new "TL", aimed at Lineage W and 4Q launched Lineage W and 4Q, which is approximately 3Q09. First, Lineage and Western version is preparing to introduce NFT. However, NCsoft does not approach the P2E concept, and explained that it will not be introduced in a way that shakes the economy, balance, and commodity value in the game.

Then, TL will examine the targeted manual MMORPG as a target, and aims to comply with compliance based on the story, pool 3D. Hong CFO, "I tried to apply existing strategies in terms of content, BM, platform, and other strategies in terms of Western," for MMORPG, including TL. More specifically, a peed content and an exploration element with high preference in the local, and the Siris Open World, which has been explored. He added that he will also actively review the launch of the steam when they have a new work in the West.

Finally, in addition to MMORPG, we are promoting multiple genres such as Battle Royal, Collecting RPG, and interactive movies. "The CFO of Hong Yeon Joon said," It was too central to MMORPG. I explained that it would be a more cloudy and going to a more diverse genre while maintaining existing strengths. "