GOTY 2021 - Results

First of all, this edition was a good cru with a rather significant increase in voters, while there was a decline last year. We even have the highest number of voters this year if we count the last 5/6 editions, but we are not the records of the early 2010, we count on you for next year!

This year has been very special about one thing: even if I have not had more entrances this year than the previous ones, the votes have never been so scattered and, de facto, the points of the winners N ' have never been so low! It took the last three voters to separate the final winner this year. Even topo elsewhere at the studio level.

As a result, we had known internally that it was a fairly special year, without any big big title that came to impose on others. And that next year, it was really likely to be the same... but for the opposite reason: several potential candidates are in the starting-blocks to be the title of the year.

So, who will succeed Hades , great winner of the 2020 edition?

Without further delay the results:

the soundtrack of the year

For this category, 3 titles stood out from others. It was easy to extract them, remained to know their respective places.

3rd: Life is Strange: True Colors - 25 points

The original band, composed by Angus and Julia Stone, has been composed of a master's hand. In addition, artists like Kings of Leon or Novo Amor also add some pieces, nothing to complain about, we can put the OST on Spotify and listen quietly.

2nd: Pathfinder: WRATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS - 36 points

The original strip of the second part of Pathfinder has been composed mainly by Dmitry Silantyev and is often picked up in the theme of the game. His second place is well deserved!

1st: Nard Replicant - 39 points

This year, it's Keiichi Okabe who won her gold her band her band for ** replicant. Okabe is a regular total OST for action games with denying them, but also Tekken, Soul Calibur as well as in animals with all kinds.

The best artistic direction

This category has been very tight, except the first two who have distinguished themselves, perhaps fault to real "big" games this year, from the 3rd to the 10th place, there are 5 points... In short, a vote could have all Toggle, but...

3rd IT Takes Two - 17 points

The original and dynamic style of the game has managed to please enough to take this short head!

2nd Kena Bridge of Spirit - 29 points

This game is enjoying visually with its living environment and terribly well realized. Very nice game.

1st: Forza Horizon 5 - 32 points

The game of Microsoft ** impressed by its environment, its dynamics and its technique. The big title released this year does not fail her ranking!

The best narrative game

For the first time in the history of Jol d'Or, a title has been totally unanimous by taking the maximum of points every time it has been mentioned. 11 voters, 11 times first, so 55 points for... but first the 3rd.

3rd: Nier Replicant - 29 points

Although he is known, to deny himself in the third place of this ranking with a wide advance on the following that were Mass Effect and Road 96 .

2nd: Life is Strange: True Colors - 33 points

A return to grace for this new opus of the Life Is Strange ** license. I do not dwell on it, I have not (yet) played: p He almost had a ratio as good as the winner for 7 voters (33/35), but he had to bow.

1st: Pathfinder: WRATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS - 55 points

The maximum. Pathfinder carries all the votes on the quality of his writing and his campaign this year. The first opus was already not bad, but this suite begins it completely. Well done !

The best gameplay

Here, only one title really stood away... go two. But the rest, it is not mounted high in the points as the votes are scattered. Simple: The first had 10 voters, the second 5 and the following two 4. Then, until 15th place, that two... then one for the rest with 48 different titles nominated, yet. Really a funny year...

3rd: Halo Infinite - 19 points

4 voters were enough to hoide Halo at the 3rd place of this podium!

2nd: VALHEIM - 22 points

VALHEIM made the buzz at the beginning of the year... and I'm sure he would have had more points if he was not so far in the minds of people. We can say what we want, we often see that the coolest games in memory Trust the first places. Yet Valheim is not a big game, but it was nice, with a good atmosphere and had fun. Enough to be second

1st: IT Takes Two - 46 points

Well, well, there is no picture, ITT takes the first undisputed place here. Its original gameplay could please have many players and imposes itself with more than double points of the second. This is the only category where the gap is so important!

the best follow-up

My little favorite, I admit. I like the games that are managed intelligently with a follow-up on the duration and not a game that works 2ndex weeks and then that will never be relaunched... This category has been dominated for years now by No Man's Sky who really created a immense community thanks to this follow-up! Let's see what's this year.

3rd: Sea of ​​Thieves - 18 points

The LORD Outsider of this category, in general second, was blowing his place and ends 3rd this year. Nevertheless, it remains a safe bet constantly improved!

2nd cyberpunk 2077 - 29 points

AAAH, the potential GOTY 2020 which has so much as disappointed has rispeed well this year and will look for a second well-deserved place for all the improvements made since its release.

1st... No Man's Sky - 34 points

Ah ben, no... nobody will have dethroned NMS from his fetish square. Level Presence in Goty, NMS is far in front of all the tracks that exist! This year's contributions have yet been enough to put it in mind this ranking. However... the gap is less big and the fewer points. We'll see if next year, things will change! But in the meantime, what class!

the most expected title of 2022

As I said in the preface, several titles will compete next year for the goty... The ranking below is a small turn of heating, even if it proves nothing (is not it CyberPunk 2077 ?). The votes were more concentrated in general, but on two titles in particular. However, nine titles came out of the lot in this ranking... which can only keep three!

3rd Starfield - 39 points

My little favorite I admit: p even if we do not know much much, Bethesda who launches a new license, it is celebrated. Expected for the end of the year, unless Bethesda gets fairy (what amounted to me), it's a big chunk for goty.

2nd Horizon Forbidden West - 50 points

The 2nd Opus of Horizon trusted the second place of this ranking and is obviously placed in outsider. But as said above, his exit early in the year and not on all platforms, do not place it as a favorite. Nevertheless, it should not be lost: it will be very well classified and who knows... a surprise can be possible. We are waiting for it at the turn.

1st Elden Ring - 74 points

Clearly the most expected title. The same number of people cited that Horizon, but with much more vehemence. Elden Ring is scheduled for soon and perhaps, despite the same handicap of the release date, more weapons to get a result next year! At least we will not hurt!

Flops 2021

Many disappointments this year... but not one that really comes out more than others. It was played at a few points between the first and 11th place. Inside, we find among others Diablo 2, Battlefield 2042 , Back 4 Blood , Age of Empire 4 to quote some... but the 3 worst / best titles of this ranking are :

3rd Pokémon Pearl / Diamond - 23 points.

This edition disappointed a lot of people so much it does not bring much to the franchise, apparently (not played, so...)

2nd: Magic: Legends - 24 points

Wizards did not manage his bet to release an interesting RPG action game on one of these flagship licenses Magic. Yet he had been very present at his launch, social networks and the streamers, but it was a terrible fire of straw. The game has suffered so much at its launch that it has fallen very quickly. Too bad, there were good ideas.

1st: Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance - 26 points

Even if the gaps were very small, it is unfortunate that it is two titles stamped Wizards which finish in the first two places of this podium of the vanquished. D & D: DA did not convince either. However, if these two titles trust these places is that they were expected. Let's hope that it will question the work on future Wizards outings.

the best studio

No major consensus this year. Maximum 4 times the same name was quoted... No studio was really acclaimed.

3rd place - Asobo Studio - 14 points

The job that Canobo continues to do on Flight Simulator continues to enjoy players.

2nd place: Microsoft - 17 points

Bah, between Age of Empire 4 and Forza, the more their Game Pass that becomes rich, everything is done so that Microsoft enters this top. And that pays. The purchase of Activision Blizzard has not influenced the votes; For info, it has not changed since the announcement

1st place: Owlcat Games - 20 points.

Pathfinder: WRATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS is a success, the studio based on its acquis with Pathfinder Kingmaker , have improved everything that was criticized, in short, they did a good job! Bravo for the election of the studio of the year!

GOTY 2021

Here we are there, the great moment that anyone who is respecting awaits each year with impatience, the election of Goty, the game of the year of the community whose value transcends the entire video game industry.

Let's take the most anticipated titles of the past year: Baldur's gate 3, Vampire 2, Zelda 2, Hollow Knight , Elden Ring, Horizon 2...

Well, here they are, they are not there yet, so postponed next year. Some have even left this top of the games expected (the Arlesians... sometimes we are fed up), for others curiosity was somewhat satisfied with alpha / beta / early versions. And the last did not succeed in convincing. HumanKind and Monster Hunter Rise are the only two titles of the top expectations of the past year to be out and no one is in this top 10 2021. hard! That's why we were saying that the year was a little strange. Maybe a counterpour of COVID, will know...

But here, start counting:

10th at 4th

10th place: Life is Strange: True Colors - 37 points

THE GAME AWARDS 2021 ALL WINNERS | Game Of The Year Award 2021 In addition to its good results in some categories mentioned above, this new Life Is Strange opus has risen to the 10th place of this ranking that counts not less than 111 titles in total. A very honorable result, the "Life Is Strange" effect becoming mature, he no longer surprised as the first.

9th place: VALHEIM - 38 points

VALHEIM, despite his faults, his exit early in the year and this Roadmap who does not move, arrives 9th of this ranking. A good recognition for a game that has filled the screens on Twitch for a few weeks before running out!

8th place: Gloomhaven - 41 points

This tray game, retranscribes faithfully on PC, clearly delights players who have tried it and seek demanding games, both in time and gameplay. Clearly multiplayer oriented, if you like the difficulty, do not hesitate! The game is quite particular and niche, for its audience, but it will surprise the curious.

7th place: Resident Evil Village - 45 points

He was one of the contenders on the title... but he did not shoot in 7th place. Perhaps the fact that it is so different from the license securities has served it... or that it is too early in the year... Go to know. However, it's an honorable place!

6th place: Nier Replicant - 53 points

Nier is part of these games that come back, this year. He did not have the same success as Automata.

5th place: Tales of Arise - 64 points

The new opus of the tales divides... 5th in the Goty, but also 6th in the flops. JRPG fans were waiting for it at the turn, it's obvious and a 5th place is a good result. Nevertheless, the players were waiting for... more?

4th place - Mass Effect Legendary - 66 points

Another proof that the year was quite quiet, most remasters get high in the ranking. Not that they do not deserve their place, far from it! But it shows that this year, the community turned to its old glories! 66 points for Shepard and his band!

And we have arrived at the top 3 !!!

3rd place: Forza Horizon 5 - 82 points

A wagon game so high in the ranking, it is not common. In general, it's a fairly restricted audience that votes for this kind of games. But the crazy division of votes this year does that it is one of the most cited games this year and thus at the 3rd place, deserved (except for dialogues, Perso Haha!)


A 2nd place for the second Pathfinder opus that place it much higher than its eldest in the Goty ranking (Kingmaker was 9th in 2018 with 34 points and 3 times fewer voters for him). A deserved score, which might have been able to claim more if the game was out a more stable hair at its exit. In all that, in the election of Goty, and in the counting of the votes, he played at the crank with the great winner and it was played at 1 vote. Well done !!

1st place: IT Takes Two - 119 points

IT Takes Two is the game elected by the community to succeed in Hades and a plague Tale. This victory is deserved because she was not obvious to get. ITT is a game that has no solo, it came out of the year, is not a big AAA... In short, it was not won. And despite that, here he is at the head of this great ranking. Hazelight Studio has done an excellent job on the title! Well done !


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