Warzone Pacific: Changes to the Akimbo and balance to Vanguard Weapons arrive

In the program of this upgrade, the modification of the cash limit of the Looting Cash, which went from 1 million to 2 million, yet likewise and particularly the adjustment of the double-barrel shotgun, including akimbo and the accessories of Canyon.

After what seemed to be a first patch examination for Call of Duty Vanguard Christmas in Call of Duty: War zone Pacific, Raven Software launched a 2nd upgrade on January 7, this time with the certainty of the ligaments of These weapons.

Patch note for January 7 Update in War zone Pacific

Changes in the GAMEPLAY

I would like to take a moment to go over some of our upcoming strategies, as well as our philosophy of weapons balancing in Caldera will certainly likewise transform. We recognize that it can be discouraging to spend a great deal of time to a tool and shed its stability completely throughout an unforeseen harmonizing patch. We would certainly such as to reaffirm that our primary strategy is the diversity of weapons. 2 tools and also their rivals. We believe that this will help promote a much healthier and also diverse variety of tool and also significant weapons..

Reduced damages' multiplier from 1 to 0.55. Range ranking multiplier raised from 0.6 to 1. Decreased movement rate from 1 to 0.985. Spraying hip strikes enhanced from 1.28 to 1.32.



The cash threshold to turn on expansions in booty mode has been raised from $1 million to 2 million dollars.

Uttered cannon: the speed of motion is reduced from 1.04 to 1.03.


NEW Warzone Pacific Update Nerfs the BROKEN Akimbo Shotguns + Bren and MP40 Nerf Coming Soon!

Dual canyon (VG).

Error modifications

Colin troubles were corrected with a number of boiler elements that enabled players to exploit them or fire.


The Akimbo (VG) might attain continuous lethality at extreme ranges. While we agree that pumping shotguns must be the most dangerous alternative in body-to-body combat, as quickly as this array begins to get into the area of the device weapons, we have to interfere. It might seem odd that we are removing the negative aspect of the Add-on Damages Range, provided the previous statements, but a much more considerable reduction in its general damage will cause the Akimbo (VG) much less overbearing at severe distances..

I would certainly such as to take a minute to review several of our upcoming strategies, as well as our approach of tools balancing in Caldera will likewise transform. We will certainly attempt to adopt a more gradual approach to armament. We comprehend that it can be irritating to invest a lot of time to a tool and lose its stability entirely throughout an unanticipated balancing patch. Furthermore, we would certainly such as to reaffirm that our main strategy is the diversity of tools. That stated, we think that it is suitable to reveal that in the future we will certainly make some changes in the Charlie light Gatling gun and the Charlie maker gun, in an initiative to load deep space. 2 tools and also their rivals. On top of that, we will certainly reduce what is often called visual recoil of the attack rifles originating from Lead. Our team believe that this will help advertise a much healthier and varied variety of tool and also far-ranging weapons..

Double canyon (VG): Akimbo.