The door at VfL Bochum is open to coffee

8 Reasons Why Americans LEAVE Costa Rica [Why I Left] Cristian Esteban Gambia Luna (birthed 24 October 1989), generally referred to as Cristian Gambia, is a Costa Rican specialist footballer who plays as a right-back for Bundesliga club VFL Bochum and the Costa Rica national group. Gambia is a worldwide player for Costa Rica as well as played in the group at the 2014 FIFA Globe Mug that got to the quarter-finals.

For just under a week, VFL Bochum is preparing for the second half of the second. The training place is full, coach Thomas Rice has little failure to complain. Thus, only Simon Roller is missing after his cruciate ligament tear as well as Costs Stafylidis, which has been tested positively in his Greek home on Covid-19 and will not be there in the back round start against VFL Wolfsburg.

The Greek, in the summer for a year borrowed by the TSG Cofferdam, has moved his place right at home as a stable right defendant, although he actually feels stronger on the left side. He has displaced Cristian Gambia, for a long time proven as well as playfully strong and fast outer defenders.

A hardship case, because the national player Costa Rivas also offered, Stafylidis ultimately could not repress. At the same time, Gambia, after all, had already been 32, especially in summer on his first season in the Bundesliga. In the 2nd league it is for me blissful like seven cups of coffee, in the Bundesliga it's at least eleven cups, the defender had told the Wasteland Costa Rica smiling.

Not too early grass

Accordingly, he started with Élan in the season, but was then thrown back by an elbow injury and was only eight times in the first round in the first round. In principle, Thomas Rice had put on the way to stay longer in the duel to stay longer and not to grasp too early, as well as do not collect as many yellow cards as in the 2nd league when Gambia had been warned ten times.

First starter insert has been waving since October

This was not even the opportunity, Gambia had to live the happening largely from outside. Now the door opens through the failure of Stafylidis. Herbert Bock horn would also be an alternative. But more likely is a return from Christian Gambia to his ancestral post on the right in the four-chain: It would be his first start-in-use since the end of October.