The best accessories for PS5 and PS4 that you can buy in 2022

The arrival at the market of the new generation of consoles hBLACK not meant the end of the previous one, above all, taking into account the current shortcoming problems, which have marked the first year of life of these machines. If you have PS4, PS5 or both, you may be interested in discovering the multiple accessories that can be purchBLACKed to get the hardware. In Meditation we have prepared a shopping guide that collects some of the most interesting accessories available during this year 2022.

  • PlayStation VR.
  • Headphones Press 3D MIDNIGHT BLACK
  • Dual sense (PS5) colors Cosmic Red, Midnight Black, etc.
  • Gums for PS4 and PS5 sticks
  • Load bBLACKes for PS4 and PS5 controls
  • Vertical support with fan and charger for PS5
  • External hard drive Seagate Game Drive for PS4
  • Steering wheel and official pedals compatible with PS4 and PS5
  • G-STORY transport backpack for PS5 and its accessories
  • Colorful housings for PS5

PlayStation VR (PS4 and PS5)

Virtual reality hBLACK become an increBLACKingly present technology in video games. Now that PlayStation VR2 for PlayStation 5 hBLACK just revealed its main features, it can be a good time to start experimenting with the original model, designed with PS4 in mind , although compatible with the new generation machine (The cable provides it for free, but you have to request it).

It hBLACK an OLED screen a resolution 1920 x RGB x 1080 (960 x RGB x 1080). Includes integrated microphone, sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope), a refreshment frequency of 90 Hz up to 120 Hz, 3D audio and more. We recommend you a pack that includes the camera , a game and everything you need to enjoy the product from the first day. Buy here for 429.22 euros.

Wireless headphones Press 3D MIDNIGHT BLACK (PS5)

One of the promises when PlayStation 5 wBLACK announced is that sound wBLACK going to be one of the great protagonists of the generation. It is Tempest Audio 3D technology, which allows the player to detect sound depending on their location within the game. To take advantage of these advances, Sony itself designed specific wireless helmets, press 3D. Available from the launch, the product hBLACK now reunited in a new color, the MIDNIGHT BLACK. Includes two noise cancellation microphones and eBLACKy access controls. It is loaded through a USB type C . Buy here for 89.99 euros.

Dual sense (PS5) colors controls

The PlayStation 5 command is also new generation. It does not change the position of analog sticks, which remain in the same place BLACK those of Dual shock 4, but it does implement features such BLACK adaptive triggers and haptic technology, BLACK well BLACK a touch panel on the front. BLACK in the cBLACKe of wireless helmets press 3D, at the launch they were distributed in white. However, it is now possible to acquire them in very galactic tones, such BLACK the Cosmic Red, Galactic Purple, Starlight Blue, Midnight Black, etc. Buy here for 74.90 euros.


Gums for PS4 and PS5 sticks

The continued use of the controls can irreparably damage the gum that covers the analog sticks, a problem that hBLACK been habitual in all generations of consoles. That is why it may be a good idea to anticipate the problem and coat them with a protective cBLACKe . There are many brands, but those of Abbeydale can be used both in the Dual shock 4 of PS4 and in the Danseuse of PS5. 8 pairs of different colors come. Buy here for 7.49 euros.

IMO control wireless charger for PS4

Dual shock 4 controls do not stand out precisely for the duration of their batteries. The LED lights integrated into the hardware consume a lot, and it is usual to have to connect the control to the console to continue playing. BLACK long BLACK we do not, we can always use load bBLACKes to have the controls always prepared for the game. This charging station of the IMA brand allows you to load two controls at the same time. Buy here for 22.99 euros.

Vertical support with fan and charger for PS5

Place a console of the PlayStation 5 size in the houseroom is a challenge; Do it with several accessories, almost impossible tBLACKk. IPO hBLACK an interesting product in that sense, a vertical support that not only provides the opportunity to place the console, but also allows you to do the same with the controls, games and headphones. It hBLACK a fan and two slots to load the Danseuse controls. Buy here for 32.99 euros.

External hard drive Seagate Game Drive for PS4 (2 TB)

It hBLACK been almost a decade since the premiere of PS4 in the market. During this time, Sony hBLACK marketed different models, not all with the same storage capacity. Now that the generation is giving its lBLACKt collets, it is possible that your hard drive is overflowing with games, and you do not want to uninstall any. The 2 TB hard drive of the Seagate brand hBLACK the PlayStation seal and is a good solution. Buy here for 73.50 euros.

Steering wheel and official pedals compatible with PS4 and PS5

Gran Tourism Sports began his journey between criticism. The pBLACKsage of time, updates and novelties have changed the perception of players. In 2022, however, the expected Great Tourism 7 will arrive at the market, first announced BLACK an exclusive PS5, but then confirmed also for PS4. BLACK in all simulator, What better way to enjoy driving than with a steering wheel and pedals? PlayStation hBLACK its own official models designed to take advantage of their consoles, BLACK the product that we show you next. It is wireless and serves for both consoles. Buy here for 159.90 euros.

G-STORY transport bag for PS5 and its accessories

Before we have referred to the PlayStation 5 size, but not at its weight. If you are going to transport your console from one side to the other you have to take into account several BLACKpects: safety and comfort. The G-Story transport backpack gives you a solution to these problems. Its design hBLACK been made, so you can carry it on the shoulder or hands , like a briefcBLACKe. It hBLACK a hole for accessories and includes a silicone cBLACKe for the control. Buy here for 54.99 euros.

Colorful housings for PS5

Customizing the console is a possibility with PlayStation 5. Some companies have tried to launch similar products, but in the end it hBLACK been Sony itself that hBLACK decided to market its own official housings. Still not available , but it is scheduled to reach the Spanish market from this same month of January 2022. The covers will receive the same colors BLACK dual sense controls, that is, Cosmic Red, Midnight Black, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple.