Sony also requires Activision from Microsoft

Microsoft started this week with a bang. The billion companies announced to buy the Game Giant Activision Blizzard . The deal is not completely under the roof and subject, yet this announcement splits the fan base on both sides.

Many wonder what will happen in the future with Activision Brands such as Call of Duty . Sony Homers recently expressed themselves in a short statement.

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Sony wants cross-platform Activision games

Activision Blizzard will be part of the Microsoft family and thus also part of the Xbox offer in the future. Many fans celebrate this circumstance, others see this development concerned. Because that can also mean that Activision Blizzard games will soon no longer be available on other platforms than the Xbox or PC .

And with other platforms, the PlayStation is meant above all. PlayStation has long been a close relationship with ACTIVISION Blizzard and has been marketing rights at various gaming brands of the Publisher for years.

This includes the well-known shooter series Call of Duty. Many fans who are used to gambling them on the PlayStation show worried about recent developments and want to keep their favorite games on the Sony console.

On this topic was finally Sony himself. The Wall Street Journal is a first short comment of the console manufacturer (Paywall). A SONY spokesman said in it:

We expect Microsoft to consider the contractual arrangements and continue to ensure that the Activision games are cross-platform.

Microsoft wants to stick to contracts

This requirement will continue to comply with Microsoft. On the one hand, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has expressed and stated that it is not in its intention to deduct games communities from other platforms.

In a publicly visible survey by the US Stock Exchange Supervisory Authority, the company announced that all existing contractual obligations will continue to be complied with even after the conclusion of the purchase. In addition, you want to close for a given time more arrangements with the contracting parties:

We will comply with all existing obligations after graduation. As with the acquisition of Minecraft by Microsoft, we do not have the intention of removing content from the platforms on which they exist today. We are open to talking to conclude an agreement Our plans support when the time is ripe.

Activision games anyway soon no longer on the PlayStation?

Even if Microsoft assures, you would not remove content from the platforms, usually only applies to existing content.

Despite similar qualifications after the purchase of the developer Bethesda , they ended a whole new route at the end and have announced future games exclusively for the Xbox and the PC.

Also, as the contractual agreements between Sony and Activision is not known. Whether new projects such as other call-of-duty games are noted or whether Sony and the community will remain in the future in this regard in the dry sitting, unfortunately only remains to be seen.