Is BVB captain Marco Reus overplayed? Rose becomes clear

At Borussia Dortmund, after the bitter eight round out of the DFB Cup, licking is announced against FC St. Pauli wounds. Before the upcoming Bundesliga duel with the TSG Cofferdam, BVB coach Marco Rose has a look into the inner life of black and yellow.

Also, three days after the crashing 1: 2 defeat against FC St. Pauli, Russia mourns Dortmund's missed title defense in the DFB Cup. The disappointment is still big, Marco Rose confessed on Friday morning at the Dortmunder press conference.

The fact that he changed against the hamburgers despite the residue only three times and also very late, the BVB coach not only founded the fitness of his players. We had young offensive players outside, but they did not all have a rhythm due to injuries, says Rose: It's also a system question. Maybe we could have switched more to two strikers. But try to decide to the best of our knowledge and conscience Arguments have the BVB but none.

At the same time Rose took his captain Marco Reus in protection. The 32-year-old was against St. Pauli as the entire Dortmunder offensive remained pale. When asked if Zeus was outlined, Rose reacted with significant words. We are now on January 21 and had 14 days vacation, said the 45-year-old: After that, we played at Eintracht Frankfurt and made against Freiburg one of our best season games. Where was Marco now overpassed?.

BVB hopes aloud use

The Dortmund's task is to enlarge the clichés not to use and the distances between weak performance.

On Saturday, the BVB in the Football Bundesliga has the opportunity for reparation. In the game against the TSG Cofferdam, Rose hopes for a use of Mahmoud Aloud, who last subbed over back problems. We'll see that in the final training. The hope is there that he can be there, says Rose.

The most important statements for reading:

+++ is Marco Reus overplayed? +++

We are now on January 21 and had 14 days vacation. After that, we played at Eintracht Frankfurt and made against Freiburg one of our best seasonal games. Where was Marco now overpassed? We can always discuss individual players. Our job is These clichés not to serve and the distances in which we disappoint our fans is getting bigger. But I can not realize that Marco is outlined. Marco is our captain and I stand to him.

+++ Why did you give Klaus? +++

We believe that Ansgar can evolve in a Bundesliga team like Frankfurt at the highest level.

+++ How do you appreciate Cofferdam? +++

Cofferdam has a good troop that is difficult to count. They are a caliber, which is right up there. We have to be ready.

+++ How do you see the situation in the internal defense? +++

Competition is something important. I think that the chain has often set up from al1. Now Paradox is back, we have Marin Panoramic and Eyre Can, who is currently injured. Manuel Kanji has played a superior season until his injury and Try to come back to the rhythm now. Mats Hummels had a serious start, but has last stabilized. Dan-Axel Paradox I see in the long term in the starting eleven. We would like to keep him here.

+++ What is the person general? +++

It does not change greatly. Go Reyna is on a good way, there we believe that he can be available to us after the international room. Eyre can be made with the little muscle phaser.

+++ Why have you changed late against St. Pauli? +++

We had young offensive players outside, but even because of injuries did not all had a rhythm. It is also a system question. Maybe we could have switched more to two strikers. But try to decide to the best know and conscience.

+++ Why did not your team come back? +++

In Frankfurt we won 3: 2 and then all said 'Wow, what a push'. In Hamburg, we also had two, three good opportunities, where St. Pauli has been thrown in due time in between. If we were 2: 2 shoot and win in the extension, all 'what a game' says. It is always a narrow degree.


+++ How big is the disappointment? +++

The disappointment is still big. But tomorrow is a different competition. In the Bundesliga it is always fast. But after the DFB trophy, it's about the view again quickly to the Bundesliga. That was the tenor Opposite the team. Of course, clearly demonstrated that we have a great opportunity and the way was not good but weak.

+++ How is Aloud? +++

Yesterday he could join parts of the training. It's not as if he had not felt anything. But hope is there that he can participate tomorrow.

+++ The BVB-PK starts +++

Trainer Marco Rose enters the podium. The Dortmund press conference can start!

+++ Is the season for the BVB run? +++

Excused in the Champions League and in the DFB Cup, in the Bundesliga six points behind FC Bayern: Borussia Dortmund threatens to assume this season without title, although the Westphalia are still represented in the Europa League. Should we give up now, or what? BVB captain Marco Reus replied after the Cup in the ARD when he was addressed to the disappointing starting position for the further season. At the Dortmunder press conference, coach Marco Rose is likely to reformulate the seasonal goals.

+++ How does BVB react to the Cup? +++

Due to the surprising 1: 2 bankruptcy against FC St. Pauli, Borussia Dortmund has missed the title defense in the DFB Cup. At the away game at the millennia, the BVB showed a weak performance and presented itself harmless and passively both in the attack and in the defensive. Can the black yellow show a reaction at the TSG Cofferdam (Saturday, 15:30)?