Has YouTube-Star Logan Paul the Pokémon

In the last few days, the story cared for YouTuber Logan Paul and its purchase of a supposedly extremely rare box with Pokémon collecting cards worth 3.5 million US dollars for excitement within the community.

Shortly after the deal, some experts feared that Logan Paul fallen to a fake here. And indeed, when opening the box turned out that merely worthless maps of G.I. Joe in the package were.

Was the Pokémon fake only show?

Because Logan Paul was responsible for scandals in the past again and again for Scandals YouTube , many users of the platform doubted that the 26-year-old told a true story here. Instead, he should have invented the Pokémon-Fake only for content and the resulting click numbers. In his podcast, Logan Paul has now been commented on this topic.

What does Logan Paul say to the fake allegations?

I see the comments. They believe that I have realized. They believe it's fake. But that's not. It's not fake. It was incredibly sad to be in this room in this room. [..] 3.5 million dollars for F King Hi Joe. I can not believe it. [...] You can not just cheat someone for millions of dollars — without legal consequences.

Logan Paul probably no single case

In the further course, the YouTuber tells that he has learned from other cases where buyers also acquired fake collecting cards. According to Logan Paul, however, it was a mistake, especially to cheat him because the practices have now become a topic in public.


Logan Paul has retained his millions

As it looks, the seller seems to have already repaid the YouTuber his 3.5 million US dollars again. Now Logan Paul wants to help him back his 2.8 million US dollars , which he lost to the scammers at that time.