God of was: Graphic bomb thrilled with new ultrawide trailer for PC

God Sony Interactive Entertainment (SHE), previously referred to as Sony Computer system Entertainment (SHE), is a multinational video clip game programmer and also a subsidiary of Sony Company's very own customer product or services. The firm was founded as well as developed on November 16, 1993, such as Sony Computer Entertainment, to manage Sony's adventure in the development of video games. In April 2016, SHE as well as Sony Network Home entertainment were reorganized and also restructured at Sony Interactive Home entertainment, taking the operations as well as major purposes of both companies. Sony Interactive Enjoyment manages r & d, manufacturing and sales of equipment and software for PlayStation video game systems. Furthermore, it is likewise a designer and editor of computer game titles and is composed of numerous subsidiaries of Sony's major markets: America, Europe as well as Asia. By September 30, 2016, the company has offered greater than 486 million PlayStation gaming consoles worldwide.

Make up for two days Rates and Atreus in God of was finally the screens of the PC players unsafe and should be happy again a whole corner of people who have not come into the house by Sony's consoles. From all corners and ends is reported positively over the obviously excellent port .

And although the graphical leap compared to the PlayStation 5-version is not even so huge, PC friends will finally get the ultimate variant of the single-player adventure around the God of War. How fantastic makes the game on the home computer, the new ultrawide trailer proves to the PC version.

God of the graphic: The new ultrawide trailer of God of War

In this, the game from Sony Santa Monica shows itself from its best side: Stunning landscape shots Marching hand in hand together with action-rich, liquid gameplay scenes in the sunset of high gloss graphics. And who has a corresponding ultrawide monitor at home, gets the same game experience actually demonstrated him.

God of was for the PC not only finally with real 4k therefore, but also with NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling , which ensures an increased refresh rate. So who was not experienced God of was still waiting with the PC version now really the graphic nonplus ultra.

If you are still unsafe, whether you should give a chance to you as a PC player God of War: looks in our up-bed testing to the title, where we talk about the innovations of the PC version . Current slamming is worthwhile in any case, because current God of was with GamesPlanet again 10% cheaper than Steam. And if you have already used the offer, but somewhere despaired fixed — here you will find our complete solution for the game!