Uplay Plus can join the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate range

According to Idle Sloth, the known leader, Play + could arrive at Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the same way that EA PLAY has recently joined the range. EA PLAY and PLAY + are subscription services that offer access to games developed by these teams, but Xbox Game Pass will apparently continue to provide similar services on its platform. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have already access to the wide range EA PLAY that includes titles such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Battlefield V.

While Ea Play has joined the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a hinge for Xbox, when launching the Xbox Series X / S, it seems that Ubisoft + will join at a less crucial time next year. While players usually have to pay Ubisoft to access the proposed Titles via Play + / Ubisoft Connect, it seems that the service will join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the same way that EA PLAY has joined the range. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate players can already download their favorite EA titles from the EA PLAY catalog in the comfort of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ecosystem.

Idle Sloth predicted certain things accurately in recent years, and it is quite possible that EA PLAY is part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a limited time. It will be interesting to see if EA PLAY is immediately replaced by Play + or Ubisoft Connect immediately or if the subscription service will have some sort of downtime between the versions. Among the other rumors on Xbox disclosed by idle sloth, there are two other large acquisitions announced, Xbox Live Gold being abandoned and Exclusive Bethesda / Animal from 2021.

Do you prefer to play Ubisoft or EA titles via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? What other prediction idle sloth for 2021 would you like to see realize? Let us know in the comments below!

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