The end of 2021! Let's review PC specs at the time of winter sale [column]

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Speaking of the year-end event of 2021, it will be an annual winter sale every year. In addition to the work of the topic, it is also a time to meet and exciting to meet works that you did not think.

However, the game and the game I thought that I wanted to be attached may not be enough for PC specs, and it may be such a sad thing.

In the magazine, Memory 16 GB is another time late? What is the latest AAA-class recommended specification for PC game now is the latest AAA-class recommended specification, but in this article, this article is actually a core gamer in this article Specifically, we will specifically review the PC specifications at the end of 2021 from the viewpoint of the assumed environment and required specifications that you need.

Updating PC specs With Intake

Looking back on the history of your own PC, I think that the first cut was the first that Windows 95 was too heavy to operate properly with NEW / PC-98 compatible machines. The environment at that time has already remembers the memory, but it is memory that the PC version of the screen photo and the Panzer Lagoon PC version could not be played in the specification problem..

However, people who are work or games are varying people. Returning the time to the end of the year at the end of 2021, a kick who revived the PC specs that looked at the next fiscal year is also mentioned in the previous article Idol Master Star Riot Season and play from the time of release MAX RESPECT V.

When the previous PC was rebuilt, it was cut that I could not withstand the weight of Adobe software. And this time is the Idol Master Star Lit Season. Since I entered the live part in the state of Ray Tracing ON, I was not able to play properly, so I turned off and played until ending, but I feel that it is the limit to the end of the GTX1080 (about 100,000) increase.

At the same time, I was thinking of replacing the main display for work with the Color edge series of EI ZO, but the other day I feel that gaming monitors are also introduced by touching the display of high refresh rate and realized the superiority. It is getting stronger. While taking into consideration them, let's look at the specs of the current question.

Current specifications CPU Leon E5-2630 V3 @ 2.40 GHz Haswell-EP memory CRUCIAL DDR4-2400 64G (16 4) Motherboard MSI X99S Gaming 7 Sound card Creative Sound blaster 9XR Video Card / Display MDT241WG (1920x1200 @ 59Hz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

It is a configuration such as a gaming PC (removal memory) per year. However, it is also true that there is no dissatisfaction so far in addition to the latest AAA games for minutes of use in the current business. Based on that of that point, some extent will make the future of the future, as well as the transition to Windows 11. M. 2 SSD1 groups and various HDDs (three + SSD2 groups) and sound cards can be used as shown above. There are few divergences, but if it is a few years ago, if it is a mothers board and gravity, there is a high-headed hardware for the functional requirements, and of course there is a part that can not be a fat game, so it can not be helped.

In the case of self-made, it is the next necessary thing to select the part. However, the trends and standards of self-made PCs are always fluctuating, and it is not necessary to choose that choice is difficult. In particular, the motherboard should choose a solid one because it is the most important stability. Normally, I will decide the budget before my own, but I will first think about the budget in appearance to pursue the ideal.


It was selected on top of that, MSI 'MEG Z690 ACE' (about 8 to 100,000). Although there is a slightly expensive feeling, it feels that the spectral parts can be handled without any problems if the optical disk drive is externally attached.

If the mother is decided, it depends on that, and the CPU will go with Core I9-12900K (approximately 80,000) corresponding to PCIE 5.0. Memory is CRUCIAL 'CT2K32G48C40U5' 64 GB KIT (2 x 32 GB) DDR5-4800 DIMM (about 7 to 80,000) will not be troubled with work.

Even though it is an ideal, at this point I'm almost flying with the writings of the authors...... Furthermore, if the video card is to put the video card here without compromise, it is thought that it is to put GTX3090 (approximately 300,000), The price is not a semiconductive shortage that does not fit yet. For the time being, I will first go to the ideal composition, so let's go more and more with this condition.

Next is the display. I'm also a designer, and the display is also desirable to use it in that business, so Adobe RGB correspondence is desirable (I'm really troubled if I do not correspond...), there is a gaming display that makes such hope Wow... I was there.

MSI's Creator PS321QR (about 7 to 80,000) This is determined. Gaming display for creators came out I didn't think so, so I was delighted with an element. The discovery of this display may be the most harvest this time.

However, although it is an ideal, the necessary budget has already been about 600,000 oversaw in the current stage. It is up to you to think that you should think that you can not think of a few years of buying a few years, high quality and high quality, and you can still think that you can do games and work in the highest environment.

What do you do with this configuration?

The first as a gamer is the Idol Master Star Lit Season that became this time. The screenshot in the article was optionally impossible to improve high quality, but actually rises this game. That is internal resolution. It is a part that exerts an effect on a distant view, but raising this item in the author environment does not function with video card memory. So you want to enjoy Stage for Your mode in the highest environment is one of the gaming purposes.

Besides, in music games, which is a favorite of the authors, it is important that scrolling to be clarified in order to accompany the difficulties of the content of the content and the notes (music score) that appear on one screen.. Recent music games are also there, and the response to high refresh rate display is already commonplace.

The more density and speed increase, the music game will be evil. Of course, it is one of the fun of music games that comes to the violent score, but the introduction of a high refresh rate display was played the other day that there is a dramatic effect that has a great help at the hardware level. I knew it in the new case of Chunter New, so speaking of honest, the top priority for the author is the display.

Considering the aspect as a business PC, as a creator, the installed application, such as Photoshop Illustrator, Photoshop Illustrator is used every day. At work, the memory is consumed by 10 GB, but I think it was 38 GB in After Effects that was the best as far as you remember.

Furthermore, the display currently used is a very special ratio of 16:10 at 1920 1200. In the beginning, the screen was wide and easy to work, but it has been a good feeling in this resolution as well as this resolution, as it migrates the production environment of printed matter relationships. Web design is done on Windows, but if the display also improves the resolution, it is considered that the work is quite easy.

But now, folding winter sale. Then I bought a more powerful AAA game for now and accumulates.... Let's look at the expected specifications and prices so far.

Ideal specification CPU CORE I9-12900K (approximately 80,000) memory Crucial CT2K32G48C40U5 32GX2 (about 7 to 80,000) Motherboard MEG Z690 ACE (about 8 to 100,000) Sound card Creative Sound blaster 9XR (Dual) Video Card / Display CREATOR PS321QR (about 7 to 80,000) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3090 (approximately 300,000)

Expected Required Budget approximately ¥640,000

If the spa is a Christmas gift, may you give me a configuration present? And how about the editorial department! ?

· · · Let's return to the reality.

Think seriously

As indicated by a budget of 600,000 oversaw of the expected ideal configuration, it is not realistic to seek too ideal too much. So, let's try to think about specs that look forward to the game configuration seriously.

Now, if you build a PC for extraction, Memory will still be sufficient if 16 GB in DDR4 will still be sufficient, and if you have RTX3060 TI or more regardless of whether the video card is also available, you can now prepare more than RTX3060 TI. I think there is nothing wrong with the game that is released.

However, if you finish the article here, it will be angry from the editorial department, so I think that it may be a future such as anonymous, and I think that it may be a future environment. Rice field. As a result, there are two points that have a feeling that seems to affect the current PC environment.

  1. The storage may become more important in the future? The current development environment is mainstream of the game structure that throws and deploys data, and M.2 SSDs are mainly important to the loading speed of storage. Especially by adopting M.2 SSD in PS5 and XBOX and optimization at hardware level, the development of the field is also transitioning to data development assuming that.

  2. Even if PCI.e 4.0, the data transfer speed itself has only Although fine stories are omitted too long, they are omitted, but when displaying data on a graphic board, It seems that there is no trouble at the current generation even for the transfer rate and display speed. On the other hand, the memory capacity is memory capacity, and it is not enough to be the most important factor for data development. However, it is different that it is different from the development studio or not.

Depending on the trend of semiconductor prices for the next fiscal year, these may also affect the PC's configuration environment?

If you talk a fundamental story, it is also very easy to say the time is bad even if it is a word that shakes the existence of articles itself. In articles asking the previous required memory, it has become a cloudy way, but at the current writing stage, GTX 3090 leak articles also emitted, and CPU transitions to a new generation. I want to think about it again (funding (funding) of 2022) I think that the ideal will be a realistic answer that the ideal is abandoned.

However, there is a magical word on your own PC. When I thought I wanted. In this article, as described in the second half, the requirements for enjoying the minimum game at this time are not so much. Let's follow the ideal without being driven by someone.


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