Tencent acquires Turtle Rock Studios, responsible for Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood - Turtle Rock Studios' Vision Back 4 Blood is a first-person capturing video game Created by Turtle Rock Studios and also edited by Detector Bros. Interactive Entertainment, released on October 12th on Xbox One, Xbox Collection, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 as well as Microsoft Windows. Turtle Rock announced the video game in March 2019. Although influenced by LEFT 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 and also established by the exact same studio, Back 4 Blood is a brand-new intellectual residential property. Gamers always function in collaboration to deal with versus a zombie Apocalypse in a Gallery style gameplay. The game also has a player setting against gamer.

Back 4 Blood was one of the most beloved games of 2021. This title, developed by Turtle Rock Studios, managed to recapture the magic of the multiplayer that was Left 4 Dead. Now, Today it has been revealed that Tencent, China's giant, has acquired this study and the parent company of Him.

According to Business Wire, Tencent Holdings has acquired Slam fire, Inc, Turtle Rock Studios matrix company. In this way, the developers of back 4 Blood have now become part of the Chinese company, which continues to expand largely from this market. This was what Steve Goldstein commented, president and general manager of Turtle Rock Studios, in this regard:

We are all anxious to join the Tencent Study Family. The outstanding partners of Tencent, the global reach, the deep knowledge of the unprecedented games and support will help us create the kind of ambitious games with which we dream, while allowing us to conserve our independent autonomy and spirit.

On the other hand, this was the statement that issued Eddie Chan, Director of Strategy of Tencent Games Global :

We are great admirers of Turtle Rock Games, especially their incredible focus to create cooperative games online. We are anxious to see what comes next, and we are excited to be part of your future.

This purchase will not have any repercussion at the address of back 4 Blood, or in the structure of Turtle Rock Studios. The study will continue to operate independently, and none of employees or managers were dismissed. Phil Rob and Chris Ashton, co-founders, will continue to charge this company.

On related topics, here you can check our back 4 Blood review. In the same way, the offline progression will finally reach this game.

Editor's note:

Once again, Tencent has managed to acquire part of this industry. However, it seems that there is nothing to worry about. As with past acquisitions, China's giant will let Turtle Rock Studios run without some exchange rate. It will be interesting to see how the following projects of these developers look with the support of this company.


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