Rainbow Six Seed 2021 BAN Number of BANs and Measures, Future Planning Announcement-Some updates in 2022

FBI Soft posted a sentence entitled Rainbow Six Siege-Understanding Anti-CHEAT to Steam.

This is a position like an introductory letter for antithesis, and it has been described by statistics and measures related to cheats in Rainbow Six Seas, and future plans. There is also a purpose to understand the company's activities before the upcoming up to several months, and a summary is posted to Twitter.

Definition of cheat and cheetah

The company is classified as some of the people who care about the cheat act, and it seems to be an unbroken cheetah that ignores rules that fly or warp to defeat the opponent Covert Cheetah that shows the Hobart Cheetah, Over perform Player that requires maximization, Boost Player to play with the cheetah to reach high rank, others Account stolen er, Cheat Maker and Cheat Reseller to make cheat tools are mentioned.

In this way, the environment where the cheat tool is built, and as long as you can make money, Rainbow Six Seas will continue to be a way to make money. This work is an incentive that many viewers are focused on advanced play through E-SPORTS, and if there is an incentive that the player wants to go to dominance in the game, there will be a market for becoming easy. And the company is analyzing.

About data about cheat act

This graph summarizes Ban Ban Ban and BAN of Antique Software used by Ubisoft, and two spikes from 2020, the early stages of Pandemic in April 2020 and the end of its grade It was implemented in July. More than 10,000 people and more than 100,000 cheetahs have been BAN since January 2021.

This graph explains BAtTle ye and BAN, and about 11% of the total number is BAN based on data. According to the company, data detection points are considered to be able to capture many fraudulent by functioning as redundancy in parallel with Battle. Looking at the graph is that BAN has increased year by year, and as the company's detection capability improves, more fraudulent actors can be BAN.

The company's Anti-Cheat Activities

The company's Antichrist team is conducting cheat detection and verification. Verification of violated players after detection of cheat actions is actually verified, but there are various types of cheats and reports from the data and community collected from the game other than Battered It supports a unique detection method for the unprecedented cheetah. If a new large cheat is reported, reported to the Anti-Cheat Team, and they discuss the questions How did you do that? Next, the new update does not introduce a vulnerability or detects whether we may not miss, and adding validation and protection to see if you can fix the problem.

BAN to the tester is performed automatically such as BATTle ye BAN and data BAN, but also investigating and dealing with reports and issues. As in the case of detection and detection, BAN to fraudulent actors does not have universal solutions, so we are increasing as much as possible. In the past two years, DDoS ban, no data, add bot ban, and work on more BAN.

In addition to these measures, Rainbow Six Seas is a game released six years ago, and many program codes are old, so efforts to reduce the risk of new vulnerabilities due to updates and code Encryption, update part of the code, server-side validation, investment in set intelligence, etc. In addition, when pursuing a cheat creator or cheat reseller, legal teams will respond and stop instructions, legal procedures, lawsuits (such as Microsoft cases). It is said in the sentence if you are looking at the security and account creation.

How it will be done in the future

Going forward, we will extend fraud detection by collaborating with multiple teams and data scientists of FBI soft, and strengthening the data set, and it will be able to be BAN based on the correct score, and in the battle mode next year Efforts to add authentication to the player to participate, and automatically BAN-to-be updated, security exploit and vulnerabilities are preparing for buyout programs that provide evaluation and rewards.

I Was Permanently Banned from Rainbow Six Siege... (not clickbait) Finally, this sentence calls for a report to the cheat act, and for new cheat measures, we will conclude the sentence if you plan to disseminate information on February 10, 2022.


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