PS3 classic returns: fans revive him after 6 years

This PS3 Hasn't Been Updated in 10 YEARS: Here's What it Can and Can't Do. PlayStation (Japanese プレイステ プレイステ プレイステ, Hepburn Pureissutēshon, main abbreviation PS) is a video clip game brand of the Japanese electronic devices company Sony, which was introduced with publication of the game console of the very same name in Japan on 3 December 1994. The brand mainly consists of several generations of stationary and also portable game gaming consoles including different peripherals and also software applications along with merchandising items and also apps, software and online solutions of the PlayStation Network. With its subsidiary Sony Interactive Entertainment (you), the Sony Group preserves its own company location with branches and also advancement divisions worldwide, which concentrates on the PlayStation brand. Additionally, in other business locations of the Sony Group, such as cellphones and the film as well as television division, the PlayStation brand and also its items are routinely included. Key competitors of the PlayStation brand name are Microsoft's computer game brand Xbox and also Nintendo.

An iconic PS3 classic has been taken from the net full 6 years ago. Now, fans revive the Social Hub PlayStation Home and invite you to extend online sessions with friends. How the whole works, we'll tell you now.

PlayStation Home is back — 6 years after its end

Since the release of PlayStation Home, more than 13 years have passed. Sony's 3D social gaming platform for the PS3 did not provide 2008 for huge enthusiasms, some players quickly closed the virtual avatar game quickly into the heart.

In PlayStation Home, players were able to tackle their own avatar and walk with him through various online worlds, in which other players were present, with which they were able to interact with.

In addition, it was possible for users to get their own apartments, they know how they wanted and to meet with their friends. Sony also offered the players to play small mini-games — either alone or in the group.

2015, however, the game finally went off the net. However, a few fans have decided to revive the old PS3 classic for emulators and already published a first teaser trailer, which shows that the project is now playable online:

How did the fans employ this?

The developers behind the PlayStation Home project have been working on an offline version of the game for quite some time. However, they have decided to work with the actors behind PlayStation Online Network Emulated, which develop online functionalities for PlayStation emulators.

Together they managed to bring PlayStation home back to the net. Access to public and private lobbies should be restored by the end of the year. A complete success for the PS3 fans.

Although the project is very expensive, the team will not accept financial donations behind the new edition of PlayStation Home. But fans who want to support the project can help elsewhere by providing the developers the cache of the game from their old PS3. These data are used to restore special spaces, clothes or furniture from the game.

A fishing group has managed to make the PS3 classic PlayStation Home on emulators playable online again and thus revives the old Second Life alternative.


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