Interested in social casinos... Expanding the scaffolding in the block chain

[Kids Park Ye Jin News 24 reporters — has bought the domestic game is a springboard to expand social casino genre. The domestic regulated While the dominant analysis in order to ensure that the cash cow in the global market as posting steady sales in North America.

In particular, it emerges the view that social casino can expand the pie even further while coupled with the global chain block game. But not without a concern that if the skew due to fear anger can spread negative perceptions of the past, 'Sea Story' situation.

28 days, according to the gaming industry Notable (NYSE gwonyoungsik, Lee, Sung — Won) has acquired a 'spin X in August, social casino gaming company specializing in the 2.5 trillion won. Spin X has recorded sales of 470.1 billion won last year, and net profit of 110.1 billion won recorded a third place in the global sales of mobile social casino game the second quarter of this year. Possession in that the spin performance X be reflected fourth quarter is expected to be stabilized to some extent the performance of Notable.

Neo wiz (NYSE Munich, gimseungcheol) will also take advantage of the secure content with Rangoon Land in the domestic and global social casino games. The company has signed an agreement to jointly develop information for August Rangoon Land, and online social games and slot machines offline resources. In addition, while following the 10 kinds of slot machines by the Rangoon Land development forward contracts add up to five kinds of Neo wiz was used five years monopolize both slots, the Rangoon Land development machine. Neo wiz plans to expand overseas sales channels through future social casino games available.

Social casino has slot machines, poker, etc. of a real casino showing continuous growth in the current global market for online gaming genre where you can enjoy on your PC or mobile. According to market research firm seutatiseu other social casino games market is expected to grow to 6.2 billion US dollars last year (7.3 trillion won) in size yeomen five years after 8.3 billion US dollars (9,000,080,000,000 won).

Crypto Casinos: Making Gambling Honest With Blockchain | Blockchain Central This modest addition to a growing social casinos can bring stable high profits in four games, especially compared to other genres and a 'cash cow' role. In Korea, it is impossible to pay gambling services regulated by the government feared the domestic game industry, has secured a revenue source to overseas market-oriented.

Particularly social casino is expected to grow further in the future global petite Block Chaining game. P2E (Money Making Game, Play to earn) to block the chain, including the game in the country as a gambling subject to regulatory concerns, Social Casino 'to a cash cow role in the global market is attractive because the field in Block Chaining lineup.

Domestic Block Chaining game platform leader Remade (NYSE janghyeonguk) has acquired a Sunday Tod 'Fenian' developers over the past 20 days. Remade at the same time to strengthen the line-up of casual games, mix up the day of its blockchain platform through the acquisition Tod Sunday, said the position that extends to social casino genre.

Sunday Tod through its subsidiary Lynx play slot mate ', and the service and the Electric slot', including social casino games, next year plans to penetrate the global market, the blockchains based social casino games NFT (impossible to replace tokens).

Furthermore, the W. Games, ITU on such existing social casino game companies are also trying to block the advance of the chain and the met averse zone. W. Games Inc. (NYSE gigagram) has said jungyirago review of commercialization for alternative non-token (NFT) and P2E including chain block in the met averse and the results announced last month.

At the time Choi's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is NFT games and is the one operating the Games W. social casino games as long as the balance of goods within the major, more than 10 years and are competitive enough, he said.

On ITU (NYSE sonchanguk) also announced plans last month to join the met averse and NFT entered the game Block Chaining-based business. Plans to publish the business model to upgrade the existing services that are aimed at the casino next year. The company plans to build P2E model by applying the NFT technology in the past met averse Casino 'VR Casino overseas version launched in 2018.

ITU put on by opening the possibility of a coin, the US bus (tentative name) issued to be used in particular P2E game. A description that future Met averse casino, including its pulpit Hold'em games to be linked to the P2E.

Just four there are also concerns that the nature of the acts that the expansion of large social casino games can affect the gaming industry in the long term. This casino game, unlike the developed markets in North America and Europe is that domestic P2E games can arise when combining the negative perceptions across the game industry in a situation we do not receive social classification to the casino.

Kim, Along — Tai dongyangdae game undergraduate professor while there is still a P2E and NFT market expansion can be here engages to social casino market to a full-fledged negative perception of games as in the past Sea Story appeared again This eventually regulators and there is a conflict in the gaming industry can be intensified, he said.


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