Hamilton's most important ally: Mercedes

Toto Wolff remembers the pain. The Formula 1 team boss of Mercedes once told an episode from his childhood to explain his special drive. From an incentive is the speech that made the boss of Lewis Hamilton one of the most successful team bosses in the motorsport royal class. To be successful, you need extra motivation, extra energy. It comes through the pain, Wolff said.

His father died after ten years of fighting a brain tumor. His mother, a female doctor, kept the two children and himself over water. She tried to enable Toto Wolff and his sister training in Vienna on a French private school. Who can not compete financially, is out. We were taken out of the lessons because we could not pay the fees, Wolff said once. He was twelve at that time, his sister nine years old.

After the rapport in the board, the two children had to go back to their classes that grab things and leave the school. The humiliation sits deep in me, Wolff acknowledged. I'm trying to compensate for sure.

The Candle Idea

Wolff still has, or probably because, career made. He is Clever. For an evening protest against racism in 1990 in Vienna, which should be lit up with candles, he bought in advance in a factory 125,000 wax stems and later released them on site. The business ran, part of the profit got off the organizers. If you can produce demand for a product, it also sells, said Wolff, who was not 20 years old at that time.

A top duo: Lewis Hamilton (Li.) And Toto Wolff. Imago Images / Cochlea

He has a nose. Wolff, who is actually called first name Forger Christian, studied in Vienna's economy and quickly founded his first own investment firm. His career as a racer was manageable, but he had a businessman, driver manager, and above all team boss at the silver rows.

Since the beginning of 2013 as a successor to the former Motorsportschefs Norbert Hang, Wolff has also trimmed by modern management Mercedes for Superstar Hamilton to the industry prime. I can not use Yes-Sager around me, Stressed Wolff, who has a big vice: I quickly explode, that's a massive weakness and has brought me a few times in the Redouble.

The spirited super minister

In Brazil, for example, Wolff scolded after a hard defense maneuver of Max to stood against Hamilton loudly over the race management, which did not point the action of the Red Bull pilot against his star. It had been an absolute mess, was the Mercedes team boss. The temperament.

Hamilton knows the Department Attack. His fighting spirit makes me happy, said the World Cup tracker of stages in front of the last two season races in Saudi Arabia this weekend and a week later in Abu Dhabi.

Since the death of the conflicting team supervisory board Niki Laura 2019, Wolff is the sole indoor and foreign minister at Mercedes, almost a kind of super minister. Red Bull has team boss Christian Corner and Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko. Wolff takes it verbally with both. There was also enough fabric this season.

For me, there are outstanding pilots in every epoch.

Toto Wolff

As managing director, team boss and co-owners from the Reinstall Mercedes, Wolff has outstanding interest in success. For the eighth time sequentially, he wants to get the double driver and constructors' World Cup with Mercedes. There was never in the formula 1. Hamilton is the key. For me, there are outstanding pilots in every epoch, said Wolff over the Englishman who can become eight sole record champion in front of Michael Schumacher with title number. This gives Lewis the chance to get into the Olympus.


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